Halloween 2014: Halloween Comicfest & The Air & Space Museum Bash 

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The afternoon started at our favorite comic shop Borderless!

Free comics for Halloween ComicFest!

They had lots of great free comics, pizza, candy, t-shirts, Halloween glasses and all kinds of other cool treats!

Plus the girls got entered in the store costume contest


Here they noticed a Yoda candy bowl behind them!

A bowl full of goodies Yoda had, yes.

Hanging out at the comic shop

We found out later that night that they won!

Announcing the Borderless costume contest winners.
Best Overall-King TUT-  $30 Gift Card
T.V/Movie- Tyrone Biggums - $15 Gift Card
Character from a game- Scarecrow- $15 Gift Card
Superhero/Comicbook- Red Robin-  $15 Gift Card
Original- Sisters Clock and Key- Sasha and Anya Wiseman - $15 Gift Card each. 
We hope everyone had as much fun as we had.

Then it was on to Halloween Bash at the Virginia Air Space museum in Hampton!

We got there right on time

So we were first at many of the candy and treat tables set up around the museum.

Everybody loved their costumes

This girl was super impressed with their knowledge of all things Sailor Moon

Here they are making origami kittens


I loved this little Mac-N-Cheese kid

More treats at more tables

One of the many times they were stopped for photos.  Everybody wanted a pic of the Steamgirls!

And Alan wanted a pic with the girls and all the Mandalorians we saw!

This creeper was cool and his sister was super creepy!  That dress was amazing.

Some crowd shots from the balcony.  SAsha & Anya spin the wheel at the JC Penny Photo studio table.

Down in the elevator back to the main floor.


Schmoozing with the judges before the costume contest.

Anya was interested in this boneyard


A little robot!  Reminds of of the last time we were here.

The table where you get to touch gross stuff!

Posing with some of the planes

Counselor Troi and more Mandalorians.

 Casually wandering around in front of the judges table before the costume contest.


Frankie Stein from Monster High

A spooky guy and Olaf

Some nice adult costumes

These princesses were curious about the Steamgirls

The costume contest starts with the little kids


The Joker


This pic is blurry because The Flash was moving so fast!

A parade of heroes!

Next age group

I like the showmanship of this first girl.  And these two little old ladies won their age bracket.  6-7 I think.

This Queen Elsa had the regal hand wave

There's the 3 Blind mice from the night before in Ghent!

These body suits were popular this year.

THese golf cart guys were our primary competition in the 9-12 age group.

We decided not to split the girls up, so we only entered for this age group 

It came down to the golfers, The steamgirls and a soldier


And they won in that order.  So we took 2nd place.  Hurray!


I really liked this Jellybelly costume that didn't win her age bracket, so we stopped by for a pic on our way out.

The sunset on the bridge on the way home.

The prizes from the Air & Space Bash were Electronic Battleship and a Jigsaw puzzle.

In the end, between the 4 contest they entered, the girls racked in about $500 in cash and prizes!  Not a bad start to Halloween!

Great job Steamgirls!


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