September 2013: Beach Days, Butterflies, Camping Trip, National Talk Like a Pirate Day, School Fall Festival, Neptune Festival

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Sasha's Classroom picture at school

Girls suited up for a day at the beach

The final voyage of the pink floatie

Anya watches from shore...


... then ventures out into the deep blue bay!


Sasha waves goodbye.

Right after Sasha headed out to school one morning...

... the first of the our butterflies was born.

After school Sasha and Anya set her free.

You can see her taking her first flight in these 2 pictures above.

Seashell craft day at the State Park.  Seahells + Googly Eyes + Hot Glue Gun = FUN

The beach engulfs Anya

Sasha tries out our late summer replacement rafts

Got these for like 3 bucks each at an end of summer sale.

Fortunately for us, despite what the calendar says, we still have 2 more months of summer!

These floaties have peeky windows to spy on the fish below.

Demarco and their beach friend Ella play catch with the girls and their Waboba ball

Ella in the middle kept finding hermit crabs

Here's one that Sasha found

A few days later our second butterfly was born.

The releasing ceremony

This one was kind of shy

The girls give her a stern yet inspirational speech to help send her on her way.

Sunset at First Landing State Park

As I stood out there looking over the bay I thought, "I can't believe I get to live here."

Look at where I live!

Look at where this crab lives!


Me and that crab got it made!

Back at camp Holly had whipped up some fire roasted Lo Mein, fried rice and honey coated broccoli tofu.


Then it was marshmallow time

Flame on girls!

Sasha in a tree

Sasha and Anya in a tree

Anya in a tree, then hiding like a little fairy under a flower

Hey you two kids!  Take a hike!

Dragons fly, why can't I?

The girls befriended the bridge troll

Anya implores me to "choose my weapon"

We play a little game on the trail called "Face Smack."  Anya lost this year.


The kids spy a familiar figure striking it's famous pose in the woods ahead.  But it wasn't Sasquatch, it was Mommy!

Sasha wanted to photograph this dead tree.  
She said "It reminded her how alone and empty the world is when love has turned it's back on you."  
I said, "Whatever.  Give me back the camera before you break it."

The hiking family and the lolly-pop kid.

Nature desperately struggles for our attention

It even went so far as to send a giant turtle to swim up and say "hello."


"Hither low and cruel death that blinds our vistas, does us the greatest of harms."  
"Sasha!  The camera.  Now!"

Unlike Holly's impressive flame seared Asian/Camping fusion last night, when Alan cooks tonight we get hot dogs and beans.

The fire roars.  Anya launches herself over into the next campsite.

And the sun sets once again

Look at Sasha's freakishly long and oddly bent arms.  One of her greatest illusions.


Yes, sun we see you.  Beautiful.  Nice job!  Again.

Sasha begins a humble excavation


That quickly yields the biggest crab found on the beach that day.  Kids came from all over to see it.

Excavation complete the children of the beach now have two ways to traverse this log

Under or over

The beach is happy.


Sasha and Anya suit up for "Talk Like a Pirate Day" at Krispy Kreme

This year they make off with a grand booty of 24 doughed-nuts.

Not a bad plunder.


Sasha scratches off my retirement plan.  
I saw this giant grasshopper out back getting friendly with our hose nozzle.  Nature.  Gross.


The fall festival

The kids run some laps to get extra credit for gym

Get their hands stamped for each lap

Goodie bag decorating

Games of skill

bags ladies

Roll that pumpkin kid

Toss that pumpkin child

Sasha tries to deflect kids from entering the same teacher raffle as the one she put all her tickets in


But her name was not drawn.  Her first fall festival defeat.  She did not take it well.

Anya chills out with her dinosaurs

Beading at the Neptune Festival down at the oceanfront

The sandcastle contest costs 5 bucks each to see it now, so we looked at some of the "freebies" then headed back to the festival.

Anya was sad because her teacher said she would "be at the festival" and Anya was sure she would find her in the sand castle tent.

The corporate castle.

Cheese fries.  The main reason we go to any festivals at all.

Yeah.  Cheese fries.

Hail Neptune!  Hail Virginia Beach!  Hail!



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