Sasha's Birthday & The Rowland Visit to Virginia Beach

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Sasha starts her birthday morning at IHOP opening her big present from Mommy & Daddy

First the card

Then the present

Her own Kindle Fire Touch Screen

Let the Minecrafting continue!

Birthday sisters!

Another present at home directly from They Might Be Giants!  A Science is Real T-Shirt!

The Rowland's arrive

With more presents!

Anya presents a card she made for Anna.  Sasha gets some cash from Grandma & Grandpa!


Sasha reads a card as everyone leans forward rapt and breathless

"The School for Good & Evil" and a GIANT SIZED book about Birds


Even Holly gets a present!

An anniversary present from Alan!  Happy 19th Anniversary!

Tess and her friend Meredith cuddle Anya

Sasha wanted PF Chang for her birthday dinner


Uncle Jeff keeps Anya in a controlled headlock until the noodles come

Hey!  How bout some noodles for the birthday girl!

A day at the tourist beach

It was a red flag day

The waves were pretty good

Jeff boogies hard

Lisa catches a wave

Anna's up next

Jeff goes back to mock nature and ride her tide...


...And is eventually consumed by hubris and ocean foam


Now we all wait 30 minutes to go back in the water


Sasha gets made Mer


Back on Atlantic Ave, Holly and Lisa get their afternoon drunk on

Back from cruising the Ave.  Tess and Meredith take Anya for a swing.


A fun day for all at the tourist beach.

That evening we are back at the oceanfront for the classic visitors trip to Pizza Pi

Super nice so we eat outside

Watching a band play at one of the pavilions

Gazing upon Neptune

Just a few blocks down the boardwalk

To the evening firework display


Fireworks on the beach.  Now that's livin'

Everyone disembarks the train in Norfolk for a day at the mall

More birthday presents.  This time from Uncle Beans


Aquabats for Anya!  Wicked Tight!

What time is it?

Adventure Time for Sasha!

We love you uncle Beans!  Thanks for the sweet presents!

North Beach

A nice calm day

The water is warm

It's the perfect time of day

The Boogie Boarding begins

Tess and Meredith get their gear on and the surfing begins

Tess remembers last time and is up fast

Making it look too easy

Some surf magazine poses

Then she paddles out for the next wave

She doesn't even need a board!  She just stands on the waves and rides.


Keep Calm and Hang Loose

Awwww.  They're in Love.  

Waiting on the waves


Tess is just a born surfer


Meredith:  Her first attempt at surfing

She's up!  Then down.




Alan spots a good wave, Anna looks on...

... and Meredith becomes a surfer. Awesome!

A little more practice

Waiting for the next wave


She's up and riding high again

Tess has competition

But she's a very solid rider of waves


Posing with the big board

Meredith gets conned by cuteness into spinning Anya

Sasha - beach ditch digger

Anna catches some wave

Lisa is a crazy rider

She won't let a good wave past


Tess and Meredith at base camp

Tess back up on the waves


Riding hard

Now there's a cover for Surfing Magazing

Meredith flips board

But she recovers

Paddles out for more

And shows everyone how it's done.

Not bad for the first time?


A wave goodbye


Friend shots


A good day at North Beach

At the All You Can Eat Sushi Buffett


Tess chows down an the endless baby octopi

Anya cuddles her Professor

A day at the aquarium


Inside the bubble

I don't know what this is, but I assume it ate this bird

Tess adds more pictures of fish to the internet

Anya under water

Who's idea was it to put cute little sea horses in with the gators?

Anya rides the Please Do Not Climb on the Dolphin.

Eaten by a shark

Then watching some smaller ones


Everyone mimics Anya's favorite pose


Doing the chicken dance in an Eagle Nest?  Isn't that a federal offense?

A giant rainbow in front of our house?  Why it must be Saturday in Virginia Beach!  The happiest place in the world!

A day at the State park Beach

First lunch

Then reading

Then sunbathing and floating out to sea

The kids try to catch dinner

Alan takes a picture of himself so he can be in at least one picture.

The final night in Virginia Beach

The tragic conclusion to a week of fun and sun.

5 went down to the surf.  Only 3 returned from the murky black waves.

Jeff, Anna and Holly were horrified at the loss...  but then the fireworks started.


And all was well

So we walked down to the amusement park and rode the Ferris Wheel

And the motorcycles

And all was well.

We had a super fun time!  Come back and play again Rowlands!

And Happy 9th Birthday Sasha!


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