October 2013: Anya's Citizenship Award, The Norfolk Children's Festival, Happy Fun Hotel Night in Williamsburg with Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum 

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Sasha "Ying Yangs" her Beans & Rice.

Anya receives the first Super Citizen Award

The principal called out each award winner and said a little about each student.

Video Clip

Anya with her certificate and medal

The Official Portrait for the wall at school.

The sign we got to put in front of the house for the month of October.


All the swag she won.

Heading out to Norfolk on the train to the Children's Festival.

Anya is excited.  Sasha is zoned out with her pod.

We were greeted at the gate by fairies!

Then a stop at the dress up and make up tent

Anya was very excited about the make up

On one of the "pirate" ships

It was a crazy hot day for October.

Well into the 90's

Anya takes a turn sawing out the jams at the Virginia Symphony tent

Sasha makes some music too!

Sasha got to nerd out with some lady Mandalorians. (That's Star Wars for you uninitiated)

Anya does some hooping for a donkey and a cow

Sasha pets a pony

Alice and the Red Queen arrive along with the rest for a tea party


We stayed for a while but eventually the heat drove us back home.

We wanted to have a fun night at a hotel with a pool, so we went to Williamsburg.


Sasha & Anya have a Ripley's Believe it or Not book in the car that they love to look at, so we went to the museum.

This whole wall was a giant touchscreen.  Iron man made from car parts.

Match stick Capitol Building and Stephen Colbert made from thumb tacks!


This was a neat hologram of Ripley welcoming you to the museum.

All sorts of oddities

Sasha liked this Vampire Killing Kit

Samurai suit

2 Headed Calf.  Ewwwwwww!


Anya in a big "mood chair"

I trilobite to rival Grandpa Fisher's?

Shrunken heads and presidential portraits painted on feathers.


This Lincoln portrait was made entirely of dead butterflies.  Fore Score and Seven Hundred dead bugs!

The kids cheer on Holly in the Mission Impossible Laser Room Challenge.


This was a cool fun house tunnel that lit up in the dark and rotated around the bridge.


The pool at the hotel

The reason for the whole trip

Swimmy fun

Anya got to try out one of her new swim suits


And her tongue poking skills.

Riding bikes at Trashmore

Anya is getting better and better.

As the sun reflects off the lake we end our October fun.


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