Wiseman Visit: Thanksgiving, Robots in Portsmouth, Botanical Garden Holiday Lights, Norfolk Train Ride

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Sasha & Grandma made turkey effigies of the family.  

...and a cornucopia

Anya found her flower hat!


The family plays Rummikub

While Alan cooks the day away on the other side of the kitchen

Thanksgiving Dinner is served


Anya was NOT into eating this dinner.


Making Russian Rugelach with Grandma.  Yummy! 

... and balloon aliens with Grandpa!

Kitties and Hats too!

Lots and Lots of crazy hats


Grandpa is fun!

Over in Portsmouth they have this large collection of animatronics Christmas decorations.  Anya penguins-up for the fun.

Gigantic mice prepare for the holidays

Bears build some sleds

Sasha and Anya watch the sled farrier smithing, brazing and annealing a white hot rail from the forge.  

Grandma stood transfixed by 7 singing Santas

Grandpa likes the trains

Beans spots a rare Tomy Omnibot 2000

We both wanted one of these so bad when we were little.

Grandpa noticed that all of the robots had their mouths open for some reason.

A life-sized display.

Leaving the 2nd floor display.

This is all at a museum in the old Portsmouth Courthouse building.

Downstairs snowmen and Eskimos

Penguins and the world's biggest rubber band plane.

Santa's workers try to look busy while the big guy takes a nap


It's an old fashioned animatronic robot Christmas!

Anya and Santa make their deals and counter-offers.


Sasha get's some knee time as well.

Sailor Moon Santa!  I want Sailor Moon!

Grandma and Grandpa pile on as well!  

Downstairs Uncle Beans suddenly grabs Anya....

...Dashes outside and tries to stuff her in a Chiminea.


Then plays it off like he was "just kidding."  Our "Crazy California" Relative.

Grandpa tries for a rematch after being bested in the matching game last Spring.

Beans serenades while Grandma and Sasha make War!

Rocking with Uncle Beans, used to mean something else.  He's old now.

Off to the Norfolk botanical gardens for the Tour of Lights!


Grandpa was frightened by the dragon

Under the sea


Then out of the sea and into the flower fields...

... of Holland!

Holly and Beans enter The Matrix

The car in front of us was attacked by giant spiders.  Tragic but also funny.

And their grisly demise cleared the way for us to the Land of Gingerbread!

Happy New Year!

Beans tries to Connect 4.  Very sneaky Sasha!

Waiting for the train to Norfolk


Sasha and Beans do battle on the tracks of Mario Kart 

Grandma enjoys the scenery.

Heading back again after a day at the mall

Grandpa and Sasha


Anya, back on the lap.

Grandma cuddles the younger children

The visit ends with bedtime stories.  

We had a super fun Thanksgiving break!  Thanks for coming to play with us!



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