November: Weather Lab at School, Homemade Archery, Fall Festival at School, Thanksgiving Lunch, Caroling Teachers

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Alan taught a weather lab at Sasha's school

The kids took temperature readings around the school to determine fluctuations and averages


Sasha shows off her testing results

Using PVC pipe, duct tape, twine and dowels we create our arsenal.

Ready for The Hunger Games!

May the odds be ever in our favor!

Anya can't stop running up and down the hill

Run up....  Roll down.

Take a rest and dodge Sasha's onslaught

The Day of The Long Shadows

At the playground

Anya performs traditional Festivus feats of strength

At Anya's Fall Festival

Playing some Games

Winning some candy

The cake walk

Sasha scores!

Anya at the Thanksgiving Lunch recital

They performed a few short poems

Then ate at their custom placemats

Anya and a classmate await their turn for the feast.

Anya's school teachers and faculty all drive around the neighborhood to serenade the students with Christmas Carols.

We forgot about it until we heard them outside singing and the girls had to run out to see it in their pajamas.

But the treats and goodies made it worth it (and it was a pretty warm night).


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