More May 2013: Chesapeake Jubilee, Strawberry Fields Forever, Lemonade Stand, Canoe & Park Play

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Sasha & her friend Megan strap in for some bungee trampolining

Megan takes flight

for some boingy fun

Because the carney thought Sasha was a boy, he kept grabbing her feet, pulling her down to the ground and launching her like crazy.

She was flipping and zooming all over the place.  Megan did not get the same attention.

Sasha kisses the sky

Megan goes up.  Sasha goes waaaayyyyy up.

Megan did get in a flip or 2 at the end.

Anya used her ride ticket for a crazy worm coaster

A thrilling chilling 10 feet above the fairgrounds!

The Romantics crank out the hits of the 80s.


The kids rock out and pig out on fest food

Sasha with the Romantics crooning away in the background

The fireworks begin


This is a crazy awesome fireworks display

It's my favorite of the year

Fireworks 1, Fireworks 2, Fireworks 3, Fireworks 4, Fireworks 5, Fireworks 6

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Since it was the 50th Jubilee, the show was even longer and bigger than usual


It's cool because you really get to sit close to the action

Anya loved it.  Especially the "little fishies"


Demarco, Sasha & Anya head out to the Strawberry Patch

Sasha and Demarco head out on the own to harvest berries

They soon made a friend

Alan and Anya made a good team.

This was around the time I heard Sasha say to the new guy "You know I'm a girl right?" and the boy said "Uh...  No"

Sasha loves that trick.

Anya shows off her growing bushel

Demarco and Sasha pose with their loot

The Berry Picking Bandits

Sasha's lemonade stand for charity.  She raised about $7.50 to donate to the ASPCA.


A spring canoe trip at our secret Virginia Beach park.

Holly did not like riding in the middle

Sasha was more of a figurehead.  She didn't do much paddling

Alan drove for the first part of the trip

Anya enjoys the view

We slowly approach Turtle Log

Sasha switches seats so she can take a break from doing nothing to do even less.

More turtles.  A big one!

Back at the dock.  The kids switch to scooters and skateboards.

And off they go...

Into the sunset.


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