May 2013: The Haircut & Busch Gardens

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After a 24 hour bender of Mario Kart on the DS the kids created their own kart out of discarded boxes...

...and attempted to "drive" it around the living room.

Then passed out from exhaustion

The last known photo of Sasha with her hair.  On the train to Norfolk.


Anya waits for Sasha to go get the big haircut.  Sasha's "before" picture.

When we were getting haircuts last month Sasha mentioned to her stylist that she had been considering a pixie cut for summer.


Pete suggested that she had the perfect hair and head for the Emma Watson Pixie Cut.

Since Sasha just started reading the Harry Potter series with Holly she was super excited to get the Hermione Granger cut.


She also decided to donate her hair to Locks of Love.  So we had to let it grow to the proper length and then cut it off in a single piece.


And here it goes!  Chop!


She had been growing her bangs out for the last year to accent her aloof cool kid persona.

Like Violet in The Invincibles.


But now the bangs were recalled for the new doo.  Anya does some light reading during the epic haircut.


Time to lop off the sides


Getting closer


and closer


The floor was now knee deep in hair.


Sasha liked the tickly razor at the end.


A look at the finished work.

Rocking her new Hermione cut.  Way to go Sasha!


Here she is with her cool new haircut, wearing a home-made arc reactor pinned to her shirt with her pal "Nick Furry" heading out to see Iron Man 3.

Mothers Day Weekend Family Trip to Busch Gardens

Our first time going as a family!

Anya and Sasha start the day on the kids roller coaster.  We call it "Elmo's Apocalypse"!

Holly holds on tight in the row in front of the kids and screams for her life!

"The Elmo Power Tower"

"Oscars Worm of Fury"

I didn't look inside the tunnels of "Oscars Yucky Forrest" but with wet kids climbing around in it all day I imagine it was pretty yucky.

"Daenerys Dragons" was on oddly named ride in the Sesame Street Forest of Fun but at least the kids didn't have to ride naked.  (Game of Thrones jokes)

This water play area was like Nirvana for Anya

If we would have let her, she would have just ran around in these sprinklers all day.


A picture of the whole family getting their camera stolen by a deceptively friendly stranger.

The last picture of Sasha before her innocence was torn away by the insanely scary grown up roller coaster Verbolten.
This turned out to be a terrible "first roller coaster" ride for her.  We had no idea it was going to be so dark and scary.
It is a new coaster that we hadn't been on yet and it took about an hour to calm her down afterwards.  She was a wreck.

While Sasha was screaming and crying and begging for a swift end...  Anya was bored to death in some baby swings.

But these World War I bi-planes cheered her up.

Also the teenie tiny bumper cars were fun

I finally let her drive herself after years of her asking if she could drive the van.

Sasha, returned from Verbolten and proceeded to only ride baby rides for the remainder of the morning.

Taking the sky taxis across the park


I tried to get Sasha to go on the Loch Ness Monster coaster (seen here) but she would not do it.

Petting a Clydesdale

Lunch in Merry Old England.

Chips and Lemonade for Anya!

At the 4-D Pirate Movie.


A brief rest stop.

The other kid land at the park is a giant tree house.

They climbed around and played here for hours

riding the rides

like this dinosaur egg

and more dragons

and lady bug cars.

Sasha "Mother of Dragons"

Under this tree house is another water sprinkler play area.

I eventually sent Sasha in to try and extract Anya.

Riding some of the Da Vinci rides in Italy.

More fantastical flying machines

Although I didn't want to, the kids talked me into going on this Mixer ride with them.

I liked this ride when I was a kid but now they just make me nauseous.  It wasn't too bad and Anya loved it.

Riding that train.

Back in Italy for dinner

Pasta in the piazza.

Sasha and Anya both won at a carnival game on the way out of the park.  Lucky Duckies!

The hotel pool was huge.

We spent a while swimming around.


Sasha did some snorkeling

She's getting pretty good.

Since our tickets are good for the rest of the summer.  We went back the next day and played for a while at Busch Gardens.

Anya got to play in the sprinklers again.

We got some Italian Ice.

And these grown up swings were the hit of the weekend.  Sasha and Anya probably rode these about 6 times.


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