March 2013: Dr. Seuss B-Day, Science Lab at school, & a visit from Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman

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Our annual celebration of Seuss

The Anya in the hat

Storytime and free cupcakes!

Doodling on the doodle sheets


Nice work kids!

The cat with Thing 1 & Thing 2, also the real Thing 1 & Thing 2  :)

Balloon sisters

A wandering magician (I thought he was really good, the kids were not as amazed.)

Arts, crafts and games.


See ya next year Seuss!

This was a weights and measurement lab


Holly teaches the kids about force or something


Anya teaches the kids about pulleys, but her explanation only raises a series of questions.


Grandma & Grandpa arrive!

The Beardo reads to the weirdo

They call him "Old Papa Storytime"

Grandma & Sasha do some science in the kitchen

When creating electric circuits it's best to wear protective eyeware.


Easter Egg Hunt at the park in Chesapeake this year

We haven't been to this one before.


It was pretty cool and everything was free!

Bunnies for petting

Anya & Sasha take turns feeding them.

Then sanitizing.

Rob Westcott, the greatest magician in Virginia!


Everybody lines up for the egg hunt!


Anya waits impatiently blowing bubbles to kill time.

Post dash she opens her loot.

Time for that pony ride we waited an hour in line for!

Round and round she goes.

She pretends to point off toward something in the distance for a good photo then pets her steed to convey a job well done.

And the day ends with a train ride.

Time to color eggs with Grandma.

This is a new and cherished family tradition.

The kids really look forward to it.

We doubled the dye pellets this year for super vibrant eggs.


Meanwhile Alan chops enough salad to feed a small nation.

Sasha puts on some finishing touches.

Success!  Eggs are ready and just in time!  The Easter Bunny (aka Professor Cupcake) brings baskets for everyone and hides them that night.

In the morning the kids dash around the house looking for the baskets.

The first ones are easy to find.

Anya finds her second and is overjoyed with her candy and prizes!

Sorting the treasures.  Sasha eventually locates her 2nd basket.


Grandma opens her Birthday present.  A photo album I made of old family slides.

The Easter Flower

Happy Easter Grandma & Grandpa!

Sasha shows Grandpa how to build some circuits.


She eventually loses interest, but grandpa keeps working, determined to make his siren.


Grandma braids Sasha's long locks for the last time (she's going pixie in May)


Sasha diagrams this years deviled eggs.

Mixing the egg goo, then building her mad creations.

Adorable little kitten eggs.


Almost too cute to eat.  Almost.

More cuddletime with Grandma & Grandpa.

Down at the ocean for a walk on the boardwalk and some time on the playground.

Grandma & Grandpa had a good time on the playground too!


It was like a day at the beach!



Finally, before we release them back to Michigan, they are forced to labor and toil for a while in the garden.


Planting this years flowerbed.  Good job grandparents!


Some lunchtime art in the kitchen.

Grandpa get's humiliated by Anya at the Princess Memory game.

Eating some left over pie.


Anya gets ready to take Grandma & Grandpa to the airport.


Bye Bye Grandma & Grandpa!  We had a super fun time!  See you again in the fall (or late summer!)



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