June: Playing at Trashmore & Flying Kites, Fathers Day, Backyard fun, Mommy & Anya at Busch Gardens, Cirquesa

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Just a random day playing at Mt. Trashmore

Anya does some rock climbing

Getting down is a little harder

Sasha goes up

The monkeys her way across and back


Sasha and Anya went up the hill to try and find their dad

Anya fell and rolled back down


And Alan kept flying his kite



New dresses

Sasha and Alan get geared up (Alan with a custom made shirt by Sasha) to go see the new Superman movie on Fathers Day.


Swingset gymnastics


Especially dangerous when wet from sprinkler play

Not sure what Sasha is doing here, the heat must be making them crazy.


Wet weirdos


More stunts

and death defying

Anya gets a super happy funday with Mommy at Busch Gardens

Anya is all about these water sprinklers

She would spend the whole day running around in them

So this was her big day to do just that

A little dry time at the treehouse

Sitting in a dragon egg

She hatched!


Back in the water to watch the Sesame show.

A cute wet Anya

Anya hangs out in the back alley behind the circus tents while waiting for the show to start.


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