July: The 4th of July, Anya's 5th Birthday, Weekend at the Ocean, Sasha's Goes Blue, The Great Green Bean Harvest, Weekend at the Bay

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Jack Jack & Professor Cupcake love the camera

The 4th of July at the State Park on Chesapeake Bay

The rangers had fun activities for the kids all day long.

Here they are making pirate flags

Alan in full beach mode

Relaxing in the floaties

Holly and the girls at Base camp

Making some colored sand art

Anya paints with some glue and adds the sand

Sasha makes her masterpiece while Alan waits with the gear

Later that night fireworks with Makenzie and Carter

We watch the Mt Trashmore fireworks from the Kroger parking lot.  The kids were really into glowsticks this year.

Anya turns 5 years old.

We head out to breakfast at IHOP

Anya opens and freaks out over her big present from Mommy & Daddy. 

Her very own Nintendo DSI Video Game System

Sasha always finds new uses for the bows

Anya has trouble putting down the game to eat her breakfast

They have no trouble stopping to engage the free birthday sundae

But not for long.  I think we may have lost Anya to Mario Kart forever.


That night we had a birthday sleepover with Makenzie and Carter.

Carter loves his beany kitty

Anya tears into her presents

A cool vintage Spidergirl figure.  A La La Loopsie purse and pet with jewlery.

A card and some penguin robots

Littlest Pet Shop toys

And handfuls of cash from the grandparents!

Cake time!

Sleepy time starts with everyone watching movies on iPods and mini dvd players

The next day Anya takes some of her cash to Build a Bear

She has wanted one of these pony pals all year and now she has one!

Free rides on the carousel for all the birthday kids!


"I love my pony unicorn!  She's so fluffy!"

Happy 5th Birthday Anya!

A super hot day is a good day for free birthday ice cream at Cold Stone.


Buy not a good day to fly airplanes and play at the park.  We only lasted about 30 minutes,

Down at the ocean it was much easier to beat the heat.

Playing in the sand


Building and hiding in towel shelters under the chairs


Alan waits for a good boogie board wave


And rides in a good one (See the guy on the left riding the wave in the background)


What a cute beach baby!

Holly gets in the swim while a dragon fly hangs out at Base camp.

Before and After Sasha went Blue!

Sasha decided to add blue highlights to her hair for summer

Her stylist Pete bleaches out some areas.  They look like white flower petals.

Then he colors each petal blue.

The final product

The coolest kid in Virginia Beach


Time to harvest the green beans!

Sasha and Anya gather their bounty

Anya shows off an especially big bean.

Anya and her bean bowl

Sasha and the rest of the first wave of beans.  They were steamed and then sautéed in a sweet cream butter with garlic and smoked pepper.  Yummy!

Back at the Bay.  The kids prefer the bay because it's calm and they can go out far in the water.

Demarco came along to play

Floating kids

Sasha and Demarco man the nets

The ranger program lets them gather sea life to view

Here you can see some of the stuff they caught


We caught a few ourselves and kept them in this pail for a while

Anya was fascinated by the little minnows

She couldn't stop touching them and playing with them

Tossing the Waboba ball.  That thing is crazy fun!


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