January: Pirate Party, Snow Daze, Skate Park, Measurement Lab at School & Beach Play

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Anya in a little 60's dress

Dylan had a pirate birthday and invited these two little wenches

Here they are looking tough


This is how they would look as Villains on the 1960's era Batman TV show

We arrive at the party


They could have spent a couple minutes on the decorations!  Make an effort Jess!


Another Pirate girl!


Michelle delivers another master-cake


Goodie bags galore!

Anya shows off the huge scratch under her eye that she got just before we left the party.
Alan makes balloon swords and parrots


Sasha enjoys her parrot

Anya's like, "where's my parrot?"

Walking the Plank

More Plank Walkers

Following Hansen family tradition, Ben brings out the severed head.

The kids tug on the gory entrails

And are showered with goodies

Dylan tears into a present.  Baby shows off her bling.

A Pirate Chest full of fun!

Happy Birthday Dylan!

It happens about once a year now

Snow!  Here!  In Virginia Beach!

It lasts for a few hours so the kids have to make the most of it.

Sasha has grocery bags rubber banded over her sneakers.

Unaccustomed to the cold, they lasted about 10 minutes out there.


The cats were very interested

Walking in a Winter Wasteland

It was a deep freeze...

...and then it was gone.

Skateboarding at the park

Sasha leads the way through the forrest

Then Anya scoots ahead

"The Thrasher Sisters" Own this Park.

Holly teaches Sasha's class during a science lab on measurement.

The kids make their way around the lab to the various stations


Sasha's friend Megan can barely contain her glee. 

Holly almost caused a huge explosion in the lab, luckily this student stepped in and corrected her toxic mixture.

A toast to science!

Sasha wore her Vitruvian Robotics lab coat

Sasha arrives to challenge all pre-conceived notions of measurement

Her theories are considered "too radical" at this time.  Virginia law required she be burned at the stake for heresy,
 but the teacher, checking her work, realized just in time that she had just forgot to carry the one.

"Mommy rides" at the beach playground


Anya catches a dolphin by the tail.

Sadly, the closest Sasha has come to surfing.  :(

Sasha, her friend Gisselle and Anya pose for their album cover


Then throw themselves off the wave

Everyone gets a turtle.

Playing on the winter hurricane spill pipe.


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