Halloween 2013

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Happy Halloween 2013


I bought my pumpkins too early this year (like a month ago).  They dried out and were super hard to carve.  This is as good as I could do.

After last years award winning Robot Science Family, we decided to go a little more low key and functional this year.


This is Jake the Dog and Finn the Human from the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time.

It's a family favorite.

So this year Sasha and Anya decided to be Jake and Finn.


They loved playing in the costumes.

 It's a VERY popular show and we were a little worried that it would be a popular costume but that turned out not to be the case.  In fact, we didn't see anyone in the area or at any of the events we attended dressed like Finn & Jake, so the costumes were a huge hit!  People wanted pictures with them and they got lots of high fives from various kids, parents and teenagers.


They look pretty good.  Right Jake?


Here we are at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Virginia Beach for their Halloween Kids Party.

The kids made Goodie bags

Decorated cookies


Listened to kids songs performed by singing witches.


Anya goofing off in the dress-up area.

This area was not super popular so the girl was very excited to play when Anya came over.

Running around the museum.

Some table art by Alan and Sasha.

The parade of costumes.


Anya, Demarco and Sasha in downtown Portsmouth for the Mainstreet Halloween.

First a battle for supremacy, then Trick or Treating.


This looked super cool in the dark.  The old courthouse steps covered in jack lanterns.

Then we were attacked by zombies. 

The next day.  Boo-tacular was boo-ooring.

We've never gone to this festival before so we thought we'd try something new.

The kids liked pelting each other with plastic balls in this hay maze.

But really this festival is for kids age 2-3.

They spent like 30 minutes in the maze though

Finally Anya emerged when she noticed bubble wands

Soon everyone noticed them


Even Demarco cannot resist the pull of the bubbling.


Anya tries the games of skill ....

.... and wins some tokens to spend at the swag shop


Sasha comes up short and has to play a few more games so she can buy a "cool skull ring."


Anya had a ticket to go through this bouncer once.  She ended up running through it about 50 times.

At the Japanese Gardens

Jake explores

While Finn chases Demarco

Autumn in the garden.


The Jake suit without Finn is not quite as cool.  So Anya went pirate for school today.

Here she is waiting for the bus.

Finally the big night arrives.

The neighborhood looks pretty good this year

We like it when people go all out!

Anya wanted a pose by this giant kitty.  Back home safe and sound.

Time to count up the loot!

Anya would have eaten all of this tonight if we let her.  I found some candy stashed under her pillow when I was tucking her in for bed.


 Happy Halloween Everyone!



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