Fisher Visit: Trashmore, Cajun Festival, Jamestown Visit, Presents, Chesapeake Bay and First Landing State Park, Busch Gardens & A Day at the Ocean Front of Virginia Beach

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Kicking off the Fisher Vacation to Virginia Beach

Sylvia skates Mt. Trashmore

Sasha and Anya thrash on as well

Lucy shreds 


The skaters rest.

Although strictly forbidden by Alan, who didn't catch them in the act, Sasha and Anya dangle from the tree in the front yard.


Showing off for Grandpa

Waiting for the Train to Norfolk

The train arrives to take us to the Cajun Festival


Alan snaps a few pics

Anya steals her dad's "Adventure Hat"

Mark represents The D


Sasha, Sylvie and Anya get ready for some Cajun fun

Lucy and Angela enjoy the train ride

Meanwhile at the battleship Wisconsin....

Arriving at the festival


Checking out some of the festival stuff

Luckily, we found a good place to set up our gear under the tent, because it started raining soon after we got there.


But not as hard as last year and the food vendors kept cooking.

And that makes Alan happy.  A whole mess-a mud bugs!  yum!

Mark gets in on the buggin'

Holly smiles her disapproval.


Grandma and Sylvie dance up some zydeco

Sasha and Anya get in on the dancing too

Soon Lucy joins in

A rainy Cajun food festival is still fun for everyone!  (But mostly Alan)

A little picnic lunch before we visit Jamestown

Touring the museum of artifacts found at the site.

Forestry and Fishing tools

Walking out to the site for an archeological tour

The monument at the site.  As we waited for the tour to begin, we realized that we were not at the "right" Jamestown.  This was the actual site where they do the archeology.  What we wanted was the museum and Jamestown Settlement where they recreated everything including the ships and forts and have all kinds of fun stuff for the kids to do.

So we piled back in the van and drove next door to The Settlement.

Here Sasha uses my "Fat-Guy Towel" to get into period costume.

Taunting totemics - No bad can come of that, right?

In one of the native houses

Sasha and Sylvia approve of the conditions

The old Loop and Feather game ( I assume?)

On to the ships...

... that brought the settlers to America

Anya keeps watch while Mark and Angela continue their lifelong debate/argument about 17th century nautical historiography.

Meanwhile Sylvie casts off and sets the relics adrift

The crew speeds into action to bring the ship back to port

Sasha helps for a few minutes and then retires below for a traditional early American siesta.

Lucy spends some time in the brig and upon release runs directly to the long guns to exact revenge for her unjust imprisonment.


Then she chases a chicken


During hour 4 of Mark's "staring contest" with this re-enactor, onlookers gather to gawk in the background as his family begs him to yield.

The kids suit up for battle

Sylvia salutes, then lays waste to most of the children in the compound.


Anya enjoys the spacious colonial bedrooms (not understanding that the colonial children actually slept in the box)

Using flint and steel, Sasha creates a spark

Anya is even more successful and eventually burns down ye olde blacksmithe shoppe

In keeping with the times, the children are forced to take part in the fire brigade.

Thus maintaining the early colonial beliefs that children, like elves, were fire retardant.


Later in the day we prayed for the souls of those that were lost in the blaze.


Then we divided up their belongings and launched their ashes from a cannon.  
All in all a most excellent historically acurate and educational trip to Jamestown Settlement.


Does it?   In the gift shop they seem to be trying to dissuade purchase of this particular treat.

Running the state flag gauntlet outside of the museum.

The family gathers to watch Mark tickle Anya

Eventually Grandpa rescues her.

Then everyone wants a cuddle pic with Grandma & Grandpa.


Sasha and Anya get a huge pile of presents from Grandma & Grandpa

Including much desired Monster High dolls!  Way to go Grandma & Grandpa!

Picnic at First Landing State Park


Mark tries, unsuccessfully, to start an old fashioned game of "Lookie at me finger!"

The kids get treed.  Probably saw an ant or something and freaked out.



Heading out to the bay beach


Holly and Grandma hang out at our beach base 

The family frolics in Chesapeake Bay

The park rangers gather sea life for everyone to view and poke


Alan catches a fish for the habitat

Sasha and Anya dip their nets in the surf

Sandy cousins

The camera actually made the decision to blur-out Grandpa's nude torso

Anya takes to the waves


The adults all keep a close eye on Sylvia.  She's dangerously unpredictable at the beach.

Cousins in dresses all fancied up for dinner.

Waiting at the front of the line to get into Busch Gardens

Heading into the park

Stealing a family pic behind the staff photographer.  Lucy gets wet at the Sesame Street Fun Zone

Riding in the park gondolas

The kids play in the dinosaur eggs then head over to the carousel

Mark was super excited that he was finally tall enough to "ride one of the biggie horsies all by myselfs!"  
When you see the twinkle in their eyes it makes the whole day worthwhile.

Mark, Lucy and Sasha get into the swing of things

Mark and Lucy come round again and Sylvie swings by

Mark and Sylvia pose outside of the new roller coaster Verbolten.

Mark and Sylvia splash down at Escape from Pompei


Mark, Angela and Lucy take one last ride on Elmo's Apocalypse.

Our last day with Grandma & Grandpa down at the boardwalk.

Kids walking the walk

Then sneaking out into the ocean

way out.

Toes in the surf

Sylvia stands and ponders the the majesty of the Ocean Atlantic.

Mark looks on disapprovingly as Sasha opens her birthday present. 

Flint and Steel to set small fires around the house from Jamestown!

Anya shows off her new stuffed frog and dolphin

Bye bye Grandma

Bye Bye Fishers, come back and play again!


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