First Day of School 2013

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Sasha's bus came like 20 minutes earlier than last year.


So she missed it.

Anya came outside to wait with Sasha in case it circled back around to get her.

The bus did not come back for her.


Anya said goodbye.

Sasha took the "Mommy Bus" today.


Hopefully she'll make it on the bus for the ride home.

30 minutes later, Anya heads out to catch her bus for the first time!

She started to get tired of my paparazzi photo coverage.

She didn't attack the photographer, but she did have to walk away for a minute and compose herself.

Then she saw the bus coming!

Getting on the bus for the first time.


This was a moment Anya has been waiting for "her entire life."

I chased the bus to school to make sure she made it to class.

"Yes Daddy.  I'm here.  You can go now!  Everything will be OK."

School Year 2013 is underway!


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