February 2013: Olympics and Greco Roman Days at School, Carters Birthday, The Train Convention & Family Day at the Museum of Contemporary Art

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At Sasha's school the classes compete in Olympic style games for Greco Roman Week!

The classes march into the gym with standards and cheers

Sasha and Megan limber up before their events

Some Javelin throwers

Sasha runs over to prepare for her shot put toss

Sasha's throw went about 4 inches.  It probably would have gone further if she dropped it.  Megan got in a much better toss for the team.

Anya cheers for everyone anyway!  She has no idea what's going on.

A discus thrower gets in position.  At this point I gave Anya the camera, the pictures that follow were taken by her.

A referee corrects an improper throwing grip

Sasha prepares for a footrace.  She fares better at running.

The chariot races were fun


Sasha watches from the sidelines.


Anya joins her sisters class in cheering on the final relays

Megan talks strategy or perhaps makes lunch plans?

The boys finish strong and the class poses with the gym teacher.


Here's the cucumber tray I made for the Greek feast.


Some of the artwork outside the class.


In the class they had stations set up where the kids taught us about certain historical facts about Greece and Rome


They had created powerpoint presentations to display their material.

A curator from the Chrysler Museum came to review their work.

Some of their poster boards for this lesson

Mrs. Rychlik gathers the students


We had a fun time at the feast and learning about Ancient Greece and Rome.


These kids knew their stuff!


Thanks Mrs. Rychlik!

Carter had a Knights Birthday


Coleman plays while everyone arrives

   Another masterpiece of cake-dom by Michelle


Ben is ready for the games!

The centerpiece on the table

Princess Makenzie


The boys start the games with a catapult launch.

Everyone tried to knock over big blocks on the other side of the room.

Alan and King Bill supervise and record the events

Lady Anya makes her shield then takes up residence in the castle.

The joust begins

Down the hall and through the hoop!

Makenzie is triumphant.  Ben is unimpressed.


Next comes a kids versus parents rock tossing barrage.

It was a wild and dangerous time in the livingroom!

Birthday cake time!

Carter blows out his candles and the boys engage in hand to hand combat.

Pee-Wee Mortal Kombat

Coleman and Anya munch yummies


Carter opens presents

And the party ends with the slaying of the piņata dragon.

Anya dashing around the yard.

For no apparent reason.


Riding the train...

At the Virginia Beach Train Convention

Sasha's friend from school, Megan, went with us this year.

The girls look at some old coins

Then off to the train drag races.

Some of this year's models

They're just sitting there watching the wheels go round and round


Tiny train town

Anya and Sasha at the interactive exibit.

Here you can push buttons and make the stuff in the background light up or spin or move around.

This set up had some of the Fisher Price houses that Anya has.

This was a tiny scale train


Megan gives Anya a boost


Anya conducts.

Family day at the Museum of Contemporary Art

The kids got to make their own art in the lobby

Then tour the museum for free and do a scavenger hunt among the collections.



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