December 2013:  Christmas Tree Trimming, Holly's Brithday, Christmas Festival at Sasha's School, Christmas PJ Party and Anya's School, Sasha's Graham Cracker House, Post Christmas Gifts from Sasha

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We perform our annual decorating of only the top half of the Christmas Tree

The cats are too excited about the tree so we have to keep all the ornaments out of reach.

We used to do this when the kids were little too

Watching the kids decorate this year, it was weird to see how tall they are.


There we go.  Ready for Christmas!

Holly got a pretty big pile of presents for her Birthday this year!

Anya picked out these PJs especially for Mommy!

Some presents from Mom & Dad and Alan


Cash from Aunt Mary!  Yes!

And another nice set of PJs.  This time from Sasha!

Anya!  Look at the camera honey.


"Never Daddy!"

Happy Birthday Mommy!


Sasha entering the jar count contests at the Winter Carnival at her school.

First some breakfast in the "Lodge"


Hanging out with the Admirals Hockey Team Mascot

Cookie Decorating


Cocoa cupping


Munch time!

Sasha doing some Secret Santa shopping for the family.

Arts and crafts.


Sasha creating her masterpiece.

Playing in the Kiva Block enclosure.  It was pretty crowded in there.


Christmas PJ party in Anya's Kindergarten class.

Gift book exchange

Hanging out with pals

Snack time with George (who she likes.  :)

Dance Party!


Crushing depression.  Even the youngest among us fall victim.


December in Virginia Beach!

Sasha's Graham Cracker Mansion

The Architect.


After we got back from Christmas the girls opened some bonus presents from Mommy.

Neat little cups and saucers.  Also we got those secret Santa presents from Sasha!  Anya got a nice necklace.

Holly got a cool clip for her purse and Alan got a flying superhero!



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