August 2013:  The Pillow, Animation Camp, Sasha's New Bike, Busch Gardens, Trashmore, Coleman's Birthday, Busch Gardens Again, Gymnastics, New School Year Meet & Greets

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Anya get's one more Birthday present from Uncle Beans!  From her favorite viral video and song.

Sasha on the last day of her Animation Camp at the Museum of Contemporary Art

The teacher showed us the rough drafts of their work.  There will be an exhibit during the month of September featuring Sasha's animation!

Sasha's new bike!

It is the envy of the neighborhood.

A day at Busch Gardens begins with butterflies


Demarco came with us and rides his first roller coaster with Sasha.

Elmo's Apocalypse!  Hard core!


Our traditional Fish & Chips lunch in England



Over at Jack Hanna's Animal Adventure

This is the first time this year we have made it over to this section of the park

Anya loved the performing dogs and cats show.

Taking the easy way across the park.

Demarco climbs the nets at Dragon Land

Earlier in the day Alan took Demarco on Apollo's Chariot.  Demarcos first real roller coaster.  He was really nervous and scared.  We got in, the ride started clicking it's way up the massive first hill and then stopped.  The coaster actually broke while we were on it!  We had to be manually removed from the seats and walk down that huge staircase that goes up the side of roller coaster hills.  A pretty exciting story for his first ride.

We went back later in  the day and got our ride.  
He was even more scared that time but he survived and claimed to "love it" although he didn't want to ride it again.  :)

Anya takes photo detail while Holly and Sasha ride the swings.

Anya Dance Dance Revolutions in the arcade.

Taking a break to ride the train

One last spin and then on to the evening firework display.  A pretty fun day!

Playing in a fire engine at the grand opening of the new library.

It's a pretty amazing library and it's within walking distance of our house!

The children sing along to rejoice in their new library!

The new bikes take their first tour around the new lake trail at Mt. Trashmore.

They repaved it with a super smooth surface.  Great for skateboarding and biking.

Anya is doing great on her "big kid" bike. 


Coleman has a Toy Story Birthday

Michelle provides her usual amazing cake

The kids play a game where they try to re-assemble specific potato heads

That was a fun game!

Sasha and Anya smiling it up

Carter and Coleman play with the new Aquanaut figures

The birthday boy!

After watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, Sasha and Anya wanted to watch Jaws.  
So I whipped up some custom pancakes for our Jaws brunch.


Here's our caterpillars.  Chowing down on the only plant they like to eat.  This became a problem when they eventually used up all the plants in the area.

Here's an example we saw out side the house of what they will soon become!  Pretty black swallowtails.


Play day with Carter and Makenzie


Cat cuddling

The final trip to Busch Gardens for the summer

Sasha went Steampunk with her welding goggle sun glasses and combat boots

A better seat than last time for the dog and cat shenanigans show.

We got front row!

Sasha even got to suggest a division problem for the mathematical parrot


Here the kids watched while I rode The Griffon.

Sasha looking cool on the bumper cars


This giant bee kept buzzing around me while I as watching everyone ride the swings.

Holly and Anya ride tandem

Sasha likes to go hands free!

She got lots of compliments on the goggles and boots all day.  We got photo bombed by these fun heavy metal guys on the Battering Ram.


Anya at her last gymnastics class for the summer.

Getting the group psyched for the day

Anya runs wild


Working each apparatus like a pro

And she sticks the dismount!

Ring rider

Swing kids

Anya under the chute

ODC school Meet & Greet

Sasha checks out her new class and meets her new teachers for the year

Looks like it's going to be another super fun year!

Anya at her first ever Meet & Greet

Anya is super excited about kindergarten!

At her desk filling out some paperwork

Checking out the classroom

Completing her psychological profile

Rocking chair in class!  A book with her name on it!

Her own personal folder!  Hugs from Mrs. Mason her new teacher!

Checking out some of the other facilities

The library is nice.


Anya is ready for school!


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