April 2013: Alan's Birthday, Norfolk International Festival, Cat's Birthday, Frisbee, Makenzie's Recording Studio Birthday Party, Earth Day Festival & Kite Flying

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Sasha woke up early to decorate for my 42nd Birthday!

Party hats, a necklace and art made by Anya

A Tray of "Daddy Treats" prepared by Sasha

Professor Cupcake and Jack Jack wish Alan a Happy 42nd.

Petting Animals outside the Norfolk International Festival

Lion-Llamas and baby piggies!

International cuisine (The call them French Fries!) 


Some fancy dancers


The kids do crafts at all the different tables set up for each country


 While more performances take place on the stage

The Jamaican table was out of green beads so we just got yellow bracelettes.

Anya makes a watch and Demarco get's zombified.

The table for Bangladesh makes barettes!

Now the most important birthday of the month:  Jack Jack & Professor Cupcake
Sasha makes a catfood piņata and other decorations.

Megan slept over to help with the festivities.

There were games and shows and all sorts of fun things

Sasha signs the guest card.

We sing Happy Birthday, then eat the cake.  Happy 1st Birthday Professor Cupcake!

Happy 1st Birthday Jack Jack!

Everybody had a fun time at the party.

Fort Living Room...

...and it's defenders


A day of skateboarding and Frisbee at City Park


Holly and Sasha toss the disc


Sasha's just figuring it out.


Holly is a pro.


Look at that cute little guy!

A super fun afternoon at the park.

Off to Mt Trashmore for Earth Day

Alan get's to fly his new birthday kite.  It's so huge it eventually broke the string and we had to chase it down the hill.

The kids reel in their more manageable Angry Birds kite.

Next we toured some of the Earth day booths.

This one was from the aquarium

Got to pet some crabs.

Anya milked a big plastic cow.

Then we went back over the hill to play on the playground.

Finishing the day with ice cream for all!  Happy Earthday Earthicans!



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