September: Grade 3 - Day 1, The Beach, Family Canoe Picnic, Oceana Airshow, Bouncy Birthday Party, Skate-n-Play, Neptune Festival Parade

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Sasha's first day of Grade 3.

Waiting for the bus.  Later in the week we got the bus re-routed right to our house!

Sasha's excited for another year at her cool school!


Beach Day


Sasha, Demarco & Anya:  The VA Beach Crew

Anya gathers beach treasures


Demarco digs for pirate gold

Sasha digs herself into a hole and Demarco fills her in.

We smoothed it out into a mermaid body.


Anya wrote her name for the fist time!

Hey Anya, wanna go on a family canoe picnic?

Sasha & Anya practice rocking the boat


Heading out into the Great Dismal Swamp.

This is yet another city park in Virginia Beach

It was super fun!

Sasha takes over front paddle duties.

Paddling our way through nature.

This is a beautiful hidden park that's right on the border of North Carolina.

Good job Sasha!  You got us back dry!

Picnic time


A quick picture before we dine.


Anya and Sasha have fun eating Bugles

I had some pasta salad.

Sasha walks across the 18 hole disc golf course and out to the Bay

We explore the banks

Sasha found this stump out in the water and decided to "claim" it as her own.


Then she wouldn't leave it.


Anya finds a preying mantis.

Then runs off to play at one of the 3 playgrounds.


The VABC (Virginia Beach Crew) hit the Oceana Air Show.


Demarco questions the pilots


The crew hop in the jump seats of a Navy chopper

Chopper Command

A Japanese plane and a Navy Radio plane

I caught the crew by the tail

Anya & Sasha doing some light construction.


Demarco driving big stuff then small stuff.


I told them all to climb into the engine but they were too scared

Wingin it


Some acrobatics overhead

Sasha and Demarco do a weapons check.


All right, we got a good spot for the rest of the show.

Anya, the shows up there!  Quit looking at me!


This guy was amazing.  His stunts were terrifying.


The other pilots at the show all stop what they're doing just to watch his act. 

Sasha longs for The Blue Angels

And moments later, they arrive


And do a few cool tricks themselves.

Hey!  The crew stole my seat!

Sasha reads comics on the way to score some free donuts on "National Talk Like a Pirate Day."

Yes, this is a real thing.  

Aaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhh!  12 free donuts!  


Audrey, a neighbor girl, had a cool birthday party at a new bounce house.

Sasha and Anya boing around.

Up and down

Sasha in the baby pit then in a baby car.

Party time!

A Hello Kitty Cup-Cake cake!

Crammin cup cakes

And frosting too!  Happy Birthday Audrey!

Skate and Scootering at another city park.

Sasha is doing great on her long board 

And Anya has a super fast new scooter she bought for herself with some birthday money.

Riding through the woods

Sasha builds a Teepee

Then sits in it banging on a log for a half an hour.


Local Gold Medal Gymnast Gabby Douglas was in town for the Neptune Festival.


Sasha was super excited to see her, so despite the rain and it being a frigid 65 degrees I took her to the parade.

Here's Gabby and the Mayor of Virginia Beach.
Nobody else near us had a sign but Sasha worked hard on hers the day before. 


 As they drove by the Mayor points out Sasha who was jumping up and down with joy.
Gabby said "Oh my God!  She's so cute!"

It was pretty exciting.  Way to go Sasha!


Sasha loved the Royal Court Princesses.


All hail the King!


This is our Gold medallist runner Francena McCorory from Hampton on top of that stagecoach.


Sasha watches another Neptune pass by

And here comes our local representatives from The Empire as well as the Rebel Alliance.


This Sith Lord stopped to phantom-menace the crowd


This guy juggled, played a trumpet, twirled a lasso and rode a unicycle at the same time.  And then there was Spongebob.

Some of the undead from one of the Haunted Houses in town.

Tiny mermaids and the dreaded Go Carts.


A float from The Philippines and a Pink Fire truck.


Some Bolivians and one more Neptune.

It was a fun parade.  See you next year Neptune Festival!


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