October: Camping!

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To make up for the "First Camping Trip Debacle" of June, we scheduled a do-over for the first weekend in October.

And everything was beautiful!  Nice sunny 82 degrees.  Not a cloud in the sky.


Holly and the girls conspire against me on the other side of the campsite.

Pretty good campsite with water and electricity.  Also had a lot of room behind the campsite to run around and play in the woods.

Heading out for morning play on the bay.  

This neat boardwalk, takes you over the protected dunes of First Landing State Park.


Lots of tankers anchor off shore.


Sasha & Anya immediately make friends with a bunch of kids from the campground.


When other kids are around, Sasha has no fear of the ocean.

Everyone played in the bay for a while

Then took off and went treasure hunting down the beach

There was all kinds of shells, driftwood, feathers and horseshoe crab pieces all over the beach.


The kids wandered down to taunt the military at the restricted end of the beach.

Back in camp for lunch.

We had all kinds of yummy stuff like sesame peanut noodles, pita & tahini, peach mango jello and p-nut butter & jelly.


After lunch we went to the camp store for firewood and souvenirs, and then to the tree-climbing playground.

Where we climbed some trees and gathered some kindling for the fire.

Alan builds an award-worthy campfire.

Sasha & Anya's camp buddy Devlin comes over to roast some giant marshmallows.

The fire looks pretty good

Maybe too good!  The kids can't get close enough to toast their marshmallows.

We should have brought some fire resistant suits.  I always forget to pack something!


But it was a great time.  Anya says next time we have to go for 4 days!


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