November 2012: Sk8er Bash 2012, The Opera, Grandma & Grandpa Fisher, Santa, Thanksgiving, Christmas Tree Decorating

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On our way to Sk8er Bash at Mt. Trashmore

Pitching some cornhole at the Wave Riding Vehicles Tent

Doing some skating around the hill

Watching some of the competition


Anya Likes Sk8er Bash

Red Bull sponsored pro skater Don Reily in action

Red Bull sponsored pro skater Don Reily signing Sasha's famous Pink Hello Kitty Longboard
About 10 seconds after this picture was taken that yellow sign fell off the table and squashed Anya.

Don and Sasha get Rad!


Sasha pretends to enjoy her first free Red Bull.


Anya tries one of the balance boards.


Sasha's a little better at it.

Later the next week skating down at the Boardwalk

Sasha's getting pretty good.

Sasha & Holly dressed up for their date night.  Using the free opera tickets we won on Halloween for Die Fledermaus

Anya wants to get in on the pictures with Mommy.

Sasha & Anya down at the ocean with "Flat Stephanie"

A school project from cousin Anna.  We forwarded Stephanie on to our friends Emily and Sophia in Japan.

Grandma & Grandpa Fisher arrive just in time to go see Sasha's School singing program.

It was a show about Historical Heroes.

The next day while Sasha was at school, Anya took Grandma & Grandpa to the Shipyard Museum.

We had a fun time looking at all the neat stuff and Anya did a scavenger hunt and won a prize.

Unfortunately the Light Ship was closed for the season so we didn't get to go inside.


Grandpa tempts the Government by cramming his arm in a restricted building.

Back home Grandma challenges Anya to a game of Connect 4 and beats her little pants off.  Pretty Sneaky Grandma!

Present time!

Monster High makes Sasha Happy.

Fur Real Puppy pleases Anya.

Holly gets in on the fun too.

Games for everyone!  


And new blankies too!

Grandma & Grandpa take the girls for a walk down tom the park while Alan and Holly sneak off to see James Bond.


Grandma & Sasha are buddies.


Grandma takes scooter guarding detail.  Grandpa spots Sasha's gymnastics.

Look at me!  Baby ride spaceship!

One the way back they were attacked by a flock of geese.  Grandpa was left behind.

Back home, time to decorate for Christmas.

Ornament making.

Refrigerator decorating.

Cookie baking.


The all important labeling of the goodies.

This was the feast that awaited us upon our return from the movie.


And games!  Like Balance the Anya on the Couch and Pin the Hat on Santa!

Holly tries to pin some hats on Santa.


Later that night we all watched Elf.

Grandma tucks the girls in for the night.


Night night babies.

The next day a feast of crab and seafood at Captain Georges.


And Apples to Apples.  Bye bye Grandma & Grandpa.  We had a fun visit!  Thanks for all the food, toys and fun!


Goofing off for the camera.

Best pals.

Silly siblings.

Ready to go see Santa?

Heading down to the mall to beg toys from the Big Man.

Short line at this time of day.  Score!  Anya leaps right up on Santa's lap.

She starts to rattle off a long list of demands.


Sasha eventually works up the courage to join her but freezes up and never gets a chance to ask for a new Red Rider lightsaber.
You'll put your eye out kid! Ho... Ho... Ho!

Thanksgiving with the Virginia Beach Crew


Holly waits to be fed.


Jess and Ben slave away in the kitchen

The kids table!


Sleepover with Makenzie!


This next set of pictures were taken by Sasha


I told her to be the photographer while Anya and I set up the Christmas tree.


I thought it was interesting to see what she thought "captured" the event.


Apparently lots of pictures of the kittens.


Some blurry shots of me.  


Daddy's butt and Anya helping test the lights.


The tree is complete.


Here's setting up the tree from the tree's perspective.


Lights on.  

I take over camera duty to capture Holly and the girls decorating.

Professor Cupcake supervises.


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