May 2012: Lego Club, Strawberry Festival and Backyard Bowling Ball Bugs

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For the end of the year, the kids had a big Lego Club party!


The had Lego cake and won Lego prizes and magazines.


This was the last contest


To connect Legos as far across the lunchroom as possible.


In the end, they had the lines going all the way across the room!


Professor Cupcake had her surgery and had to wear this for a few days.  She was not happy.


Down on the farm at the Pungo Strawberry Festival.

Petting bunnies.

Forcing baby ducks to walk a plank and then slide down into a tub.

Petting the ducklings.


More ducky antics.


Anya does some farm work

Sasha pets a lamb while Ben and Coleman keep an eye on things.

Anya continues with her "chores"

Sasha enjoys petting the farm animals.

She also enjoys driving the Navy fire truck.


And sailing Coast Guard vessels.

Dylan reports that Anya is climbing all over the foredeck.

Someone let Anya in the fire truck and soon it was blasting water all over everbody.

The kids thought it was part of the show, so they all ran out in the water to cool down

Anya slipped out of the cab of the truck and joined the melee

Everyone got soaked.

At Anya's insistence, she and Dylan play "Redneck Turn Left."

They both have a fun time.


Anya LOVES this ride.  Especially when it whips around the corners.

Sasha speed is more about teacups

Someone handed Anya some free tickets at the last minute so she got to ride too!

It's just like Disney World!  Only about 4000-6000 dollars less.

Roasted corn on the cob

A festival favorite.

Just in case you forgot that we live in the heart of the Confederacy.  :)

Running and playing.  The ebullience of the Strawberry Festival.

I had a couple old bowling balls that I needed to get rid of.

I looked online for a way to recycle them but couldn't find anywhere to take them.

I was going to "recycle them into the ocean," but then we decided to make them into Garden Art.

So now we have a Pink Bee and a Purple Lady Bug

We spent a whole weekend working on them.

In between playing and splashing

And bubble wanding

Those wands we made are holding up nicely


Sasha poses with her Bee

Anya shows off her Bug too!

One of our growing sunflowers

Are really tall ones in the corner

Our Backyard Bowling Ball Bugs!

Sasha gives some perspective to the sunflowers then poses with her art.


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