May 2012: Kite Festival, Greek Festival, Beaches and Parks

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The kite festival at the beach!


  We've been to the kite festival before.

And I thought there were a bunch of kite vendors.


So I told the kids when they asked if they could bring their kites, that we would buy new ones at the festival!

The kids got tattoos that look like Professor Cupcake and Jack


Well I guess if Jack was pink!


Unfortunately there were no vendors

So we were stuck at the kite festival with no kites!


We watched some demonstrations, but the kids eventually were drawn to the beach.

Where they played in the sand


And ran around for a while

Then.  We encountered The Bubble Man!

He had this home made contraaption that made gigantic bubbles that flew great distances!

The kids chased them all over the beach

Some of the giant bubbles flew all the way back to the hotels

The kids loved them!

On our way out we got pulled into a kite building seminar!

A professional kite enthusiast taught them how to make kites.

Which they proudly marched down the boardwalk.

Sleeping kittens

They LOVE sleeping!


Sasha attempts some Steve Martin inspired cat juggling.

Cuddling with the kittens!

We made our own bubble wands like the guy at the beach!


And our own bubble stuff!

The girls made Holly a "Fancy Basket" for Mother's Day.


Anya lounging with Jack.

Jack and The Professor spend most of their days on the couch.  Hopefully they'll get a job soon.


Alan and Sasha at opening weekend night of The Avengers!

Leaving for a day at the beach.

The water's too chilly for swimming

But the sand is warm and ready for digging.

So they dig.

Anya flies her kite.

An after beach snack at Coldstone.  Dmarco goofs, but Holly is not amused.


Anya & Sasha also get silly.

Alan & Anya at the Greek Festival in Norfolk

Anya gets fries and coke.


I had the calamari, rice pilaf and two spanakopita!

Anya enjoyed the little Greek children dancing


So when they invited the kids up on stage, she was one of the first in line.


Using up some Dairy Queen coupons we got at the Easter Egg Hunt last month.


Anya really liked that ice cream cone!

Sasha wanted to show she could make a mess of her face too!

They're both glorious slobs.  We're so proud.

At the Japanese Garden in Red Wing Park

They added some new things to the garden this year.

This bridge leads to a nice little pagoda.

Makenzie and Carter come over and try out the new homemade bubble sticks


And play some backyard golf

Jack and Professor Cupcake baby sit the kids from the window.


Sasha, you're swinging that the wrong way!


See that tall leaf plant (sunflower) in the bottom right corner?  In a few weeks it'll be taller than Sasha!

At First Landing State park


Walking the trails


Trail buddies

Tree climbers

It was like having a family of squirrels!


They just wouldn't touch the ground!


Sasha inherits a hole at the beach and keeps digging it down even deeper.

Eventually it was REALLY deep.


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