May 2012: Birthday Party, Temples & Tombs and the Duck Races

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May starts off with a birthday party for Makenzie!

Alan shows off his balloon levitation powers.  His Avengers application was rejected.

Unimpressed with Alan's "Powers", the party continues.

Baby Doctor barbie!

Happy Birthday Makenzie!



...five faces...

...of Anya.

The 2nd Grader's at ODC show off their Egyptian lessons.

It was a big production!

Lots of songs and costumes.

Temples & Tombs 1

Temples & Tombs 2

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(Windows Media Player or Quicktime Required)

The cast party after the show

Anya gets crabby till the teacher gives her a lolly pop.


There's a whole DVD of the production.  If you want a copy come visit and I'll make one for you!

This cloud looked like a huge explosion above the building.  
Thought maybe it was an alien invasion.  Unfortunately it was just a cloud.  Or was it?  Yes.  It was.  :(

The Chesapeake Rubber Duck Races!

Story time with the local news anchor.

Mega bouncing

Mega sliding

Mini cup cakes!


Games and prizes


Chesapeake needs to upgrade their police cars!

Duck Vader!

More fancy ducks

These ducks think they're better than all the others

Some of them even have jobs.

This story came with free cowboy hats!

Anya liked that one!

More games

Duck decorating


This next story came with free fish!

The sheriff read this one

Ducky tattoos

Italian ice and cotton candy.  Now that's good eatin'

The Mayor of Chesapeake reads the last story of the day.

Time to dump some ducks!

Up they go.

Over the crowd.

And dump!

The race is on!

Our duck didn't win again.  For the 4th year in a row!  


But Anya keeps on dancing!


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