March: Bill's Officer Commissioning & Carter's Birthday

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Onboard The Battleship Wisconsin for Bill's Navy Officer Commissioning Ceremony.

Running around the deck of the battleship.

Standing on the stern.

Running back to watch the show.

Everybody gets a seat.

Ben officiates the ceremony.

He introduces some of Bill's commanding officers.

Who both give speeches and tell funny stories about Bill.

Then the family pins on the epilates.

Then Michelle adds the jacket.

Bill buttons up the brass. 

And Michelle places the hat.

Then Ben calls up a sailor.

And Bill gives him a coin to commemorate the occasion.

Bill gives a speech about how cool and great he is.

And how much he loves Michelle, Makenzie, Carter and his friends and parents and in-laws (but not Alan for some reason.)

Then hugs for Anya and Sasha

One for Makenzie and Dylan


And finally little Carter.

The next Day they had a birthday party for Carter at Home Depot!


Everybody finds a seat at the table.

The kids all got to build tool boxes!

And decorate them.

Sasha & Anya made some nice tool boxes.

The kids all pose with their boxes.

Carter opens presents from Sasha & Anya.

Then it's time to sing and eat those fancy cupcakes!


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