March: Anya in Alabama

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Caption by Holly

Anya thought she was flying the airplane by herself with a remote control.  It kept her busy all the way to Florida.

The view from Grandma's balcony -- sunny and beautiful every day.

Anya chilling on the deck.

This is a picture of Grandpa taking a picture of Anya .

Anya waiting on the sofa before leaving to go to town.

The traditional first night dinner at Shrimp Basket in Gulf Shores.

Grandpa's new punk-rock hairstyle was a little bit scary, but we talked him into combing it down before going inside.

Anya got a new golden lab puppy that she named "Maisey."

Anya wore her favorite purple dress to dinner at the "fancy" restaurant in the condos.

Anya got to meet Grandpa's sister, Aunt Carolyn, for the first time.  Aunt Carolyn brought her friend Jack.

Coloring while waiting for the food.

Everything was really great, until Anya freaked out and thought we were on the Titanic.

Back in her room, we calmed her down, and she was fine by the next day.

While Holly and Grandma went shopping, Anya and Grandpa went to the park.

Swinging is awesome in every state.


Of course, we had to go to Lambert's one night.  Anya had heard the stories from Sasha, and wanted to see it herself.

She got scared and ducked when they threw rolls at her, but laughed when Holly tried to catch them.

Anya was a bit bonkers by the end of the evening.

Holly waves (picture taken by Anya).

We stopped at Burris Market for a treat.

This is another place that Sasha had told Anya all about, so she was excited to see it.
Grandpa hasn't even started eating his shortcake and he already wants to "taste" Anya's ice cream.

Shortcake is delicious!

The playground on the beach in Fairhope.  This park is on Mobile bay. 


Anya loves to climb.

Swinging is always fun...  

...but it's even better when someone is pushing you.

Anya and Grandpa go for a walk.

Looking for seashells on the beach.

Grandpa and Anya seemed really interested in this  ...stick? ...rock? ...sand?

Best friends forever.

Sittin' on the dock of the bay.

Where did grandpa go?

There he is!

See if you can find Anya hidden somewhere in this picture.


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