March: Marathon, City Park, China School & Kittens

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Sasha ran in the final Mile of The Shamrock Marathon at the beach.

Here she is the day before the race picking up her race number, t-shirt and swag.

Grandpa Wiseman sponsored her first race!

She ran 25 miles at school leading up to race day. 

Then all the kids involved get to run the last mile at the beach.

OK, we got all our gear.  Time to get a good night's sleep before the big race.


Here's a scary storm outside the convention center.

The next day we found a parking space and made our way down to the pre-race party.

These people were all dressed up crazy  to do some kind of final walk?

It is St. Patrick's day so maybe that was the drunk part of the race?

Sasha and her friend Ben from class were the first to arrive for her school.

Anya wanted to run too!

Then more ODC kids started showing up.


Sasha and her friend Nina!

The ODC kids all had these cool tie dyed t-shirts.

More kids arrive.

Sasha and Nina and Makenzie.

Time to move down to the starting corrals.

There were about 4500 kids who participated in the Final Mile.

Sasha's school came in 2nd for highest participation.

The kids all squish into place.

Race Corrals

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Holly and Anya stayed closer to the starting point.

Anya waits to see her sister start the race.

The kids are ready to run!  Let them go!


Ava, Jackie and Sasha.

Joesph peeks in too!


Sasha heading toward the finish line!


Here she is in the bottom left corner crossing the finish line.

Then we walked down to pick her up on the beach.

And here she is with her first medal!  Hurray for Sasha!

Last weekend we went to play at the park.

Sasha wanted to ride her go-cart in the woods.

Here we go!  Into the woods.

Anya scoots along on her scooter.

Sasha finds a tree to climb.

Anya is daring on the monkey bars


But when she swung out onto this fireman's pole I almost wet my pants!

But she's crazy strong and slid down it fine.  Then repeated it about 100 more times.

More climbing and Sasha brandishes a Bamboo stick.

Sasha's class had China School this week.

Macy, Ava & Nick                                                                 Saleem, Jackie & Joseph

Each team of teachers instructed the parents on different aspects of Chinese history and culture.

Nick, Riley & Sierra                                                                Katie, Nina & Jaden

We had to take notes during these presentations because there was a test at the end.

Riley & Sean                                                                         Kai, Ben & Tatum

There was a lot to learn about silk, gunpowder, seismograph, compass, kite, paper/printing, & abacus.

Ben, Sasha & Madelyn were at the Seismograph station.  Sasha digs into the China Feast after the presentations.

After lunch we got to see each class perform the classic Lion Dance.

Lion Dance

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Here's Sasha's class followed by the green dragon.

Sasha said she was the rear because she was the smallest.

Here's a Blue Dragon.

Orange and Yellow Dragons

They went the whole length of the school.

Then out to the playground for traditional kite flying.

They all made kites in class.

Sasha's flew very well.

She's an experienced kite flyer so that helped.

Unless the wind stops.

But she knows how to get it back up in the air.

Ben looks on to see how it's done.

Sasha is quite a kite runner.

All the kids had fun flying their kites.

Sasha & her teacher Mrs. Davis.


Back in class to watch a video and learn more about China!

Today is the day we get to visit our new baby kittens!  We celebrate with Kitty pancakes.

Then we drove to Newport News to see the mommy kitty and her babies!

Anya holds our new girl kitten "Professor Cupcake!"

Anya was very good with the kittens.

This is our boy kitten.  His name is "Jack".  Here's Holly with both Professor Cupcake and Jack.

Holly with The Professor and Sasha with Jack.  Then Anya with Cupcake.

Anya cuddles one of the other kitties.


Jack explores.


Sasha cuddles Professor Cupcake.

Anya plays with them both.


We can't wait to get them home on the 15th!  It's so exciting!


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