June 2012: Harbor Fest & Op Sail Festival, Field Day at School and The End of the Year Class Party

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Professor Cupcake and Jack just hanging out in bed by in the window.

Sasha and Anya wait for the train

Makenzie and Sasha riding the new light rail into Norfolk

Carter and Anya are excited to be on the train too 

We rode into Norfolk to attend the combined festivals of Op Sail and Harborfest.

Here we are arriving at Town Point park in downtown Norfolk.

Chilling out with The Peace Frog.  In the background you can see some of the many tall ships docked here for Op Sail.

More masts and sails.

The kids spin the AT&T wheel of prizes.  All the girls won chapstick carabiners.


I think Carter won beads.

Off to tour out first Tall Ship


Can you guess the name of the ship?

This ship hails from Nova Scotia, Canada

The kids take turns taking it for a spin

I snap pics of the few of the other ships from the stern of the Picton Castle


Anya sneaks back to take the wheel again.

Roasted corn and fresh lemonade


Chasing bubbles around the concert grounds


This woman with the bubble gun started a bubble riot

Over by the Nauticus Naval Museum, everyone did some hooping


Makenzie tries for a triple hoop!

More big ships docked for the festival

Some big Navy ships


Next we headed over to a super huge tall ship


The Spanish ship Juan SebastiŠn de Elcano


The kids look down below decks

Sasha at the wheel

Then Anya takes a spin

This is the part of the day when the heat started getting to Anya.  She refused to leave this chair for a while. 

Finally she let Sasha have a seat, then they all moved to the bow.

Makenzie gets all Titanic-y.  Anya gets more angry.


Finally it's time to go.  Anya skulks all the way back to the train.

Sasha tries some new shades.


Field day at Sasha's school.


Sasha walks around looking for a game

Playing a water scooping game


Carrying an egg on a spoon


Playing a game called Tips then running hurdles

Sasha racing some random guy

Sasha raced a bunch of boys


Playing a rocket throwing target game

Hoola Hoop racing

Eating her first complementary snow cone

Sponge throwing game

Getting in line for the sack race


One your mark, get set, go!

Sasha rounds the cone!

Hoola Hooping contest

Sasha rules at Hooping

Monkey tag

Water gun beach ball races


Fox tail toss

When pigs fly


Flipping a pig in the goal

Sasha & Jackie


Last class party


Outside for a picnic lunch and sundaes

Chalk drawing with her friends

Kai draws something, Ava is confused

Nick draws a giant Potato Cyclops

Madeline and Ava

Sasha gets in line first for the sundaes!

Everyone eats ice cream!

Then runs around like crazy from eating too many gummi bears

Mrs. Davis gathers the class to release the class butterflies

They all made it out into the world

Ciara and Katie and then Reilly 

Nicholas I and Tatum



The boys goof off

Sasha shows off her chalk art of a cartoon Anya

Back in class the kids present Mrs. Davis with her class present

A custom bookcase and a scrapbook where they each made a page

Mrs. Davis reads each page

We love you Mrs. Davis!

Sasha and her favorite 2nd grade teacher.


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