June 2012: Pirate Festival, Air Show at the Beach, Class Trip to the Norfolk Zoo

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The Hampton Blackbeard Festival

This was the first year we attended

It's a pretty neat festival!

Sasha makes a parrot


Then hangs out with a pirate band

She picks out some pirate jewelry and tries on a crown of skulls made from real brass and bone!

This pirate wench had a cool skirt made of scarves

Hanging out at a big tall ship waiting for the re-enactment of Blackbeard's beheading.

Once a bustling seaport, Hampton was the doorway to commerce for the colonies. Between the export of tobacco to England and the import of manufactured commodities, Hampton's waterfront became a prime target for one of the fiercest and most successful pirates of the Caribbean, Blackbeard. 

Legend has it that when Blackbeard was finally defeated by the Royal Navy, 
his head was mounted on a post at the mouth of the Hampton Harbor warning all other Pirates of their impending fate.

Here we see Blackbeard and The Royal Navy circle each other just off shore firing cannon

Loud cannons!

Then hand to hand combat ensues, culminating in the beheading.

Back at the Pirate camp we are entertained by pirate jokes while we wait for the re-enactment of the trial of Blackbeard's crew.
Why does it take pirates so long to learn the alphabet?  Because they can spend years at C!
How do pirates know that they are pirates?  They think, therefore they ARRRR!!!!!
What do you call a pirate with two eyes and two legs?  Rookie!

Finally, the Governor arrives and passes sentence of death to all.

Blackbeard's treasure is offered to the Governor

Who breaks with tradition, and offers it to the crowd

He's a nice Governor

The pirates distribute the treasure!

Plus extra Pirate swag!

Alan and Anya get placed in the stocks for being naughty

Anya gets suited up in some real pirate gear!

Sasha finds the perfect hat!  Captain Sasha Sparrow!

Pirate kids with The Governor.

Now our little pirates get hungry and insist they be fed.


So we have a traditional Pirate feast of Cheese Fries and Lemonade.


The next day we were at the beach for the Patriotic Festival & Air Show


Sky-typers fill the sky with advertisements for Geico

And the air show begins!

Actually it was supposed to start at 11am...

So we got there at 10:30 to get a good seat.

It was about 90 degrees and sunny.


We didn't bring any shelter and the show was delayed for 2.5 hours!


So by the time we saw this, we had been baking in the super hot sun for like 3 hours!


Here's a WWII plane racing a speedboat!

Captain Sasha builds a sandbridge


Some precision team work


These are the local jets


They fly over our house all year round


So the kids were not that impressed


Here's a WWII plane racing a F18 Super Hornet


A news chopper and a Navy Sikorsky

This was a gigantic heavy lift helicopter

They zoomed back and forth over the water.

The Coast Guard Chopper demonstrated a water rescue


This chopper flies over the beach all summer long.

Anya hears the Blue Angels


First their support plane does a few fly-bys


Then way out over the ocean, the Blue Angels bear down on the beach

Then it's 30 minutes of Angel tricks


Cool formations


I love watching them


Plus on the beach, they fly really close


It's actually a better show than the one at the end of summer at the airbase.  But you don't get to climb on and play in all the planes.

Sasha gets a Peace Tag at one of the swag tents.

Our clichés, I mean kittens, literally playing with a ball of yarn.


End of the year school trip to the zoo!


Mrs. Davis gathers the class out in front

Everybody is super excited

The last big field trip of the year


And it immediately started raining.

But we got a nice class picture

We also did some habitat research and observations

That was kind of hard because the animals were mostly in the indoor enclosures because of the rain.

But the new tigers were out

Pacing around and chasing each other

They smelled the children in this viewing cave...

... and came over to have a bite.

So we drew straws and threw them the weakest child in the class as an offering.

The rest were sparred.


Another unfortunate child was caught in a Willy Wonka-type bubble and became part of the zoo forever.

Finally the battle we all came to see.  Monkey vs. Peacock.

Peacock wins!


Cranes and a baby deer-type thing living together.  What a world!

 I think Rhinos just like being photographed.

Look close.  Can you find the Ostrich?  Sasha did!  Gifted indeed!

I thought this was a pretty indigenous tree in the Africa habitat, then I remembered there's one growing in the yard behind my house.

Sasha whispered something to this Giraffe like in that movie Lost in Translation.

It will forever drive me crazy, maybe she'll tell me on my deathbed.


Time to go.  It was a fun trip to the zoo!

And the Peacock came and offered each child a feather as a souvenir of their visit...
Thinking back, maybe I shouldn't have told the kids that?


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