July: Sasha's Summer Writing Camp, Sasha's Birthday, Duckpin Bowling

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On the last day of Sasha's summer writing camp, they had a author's day!

All the kids got to read their work

Sasha checks out the snack table while Anya introduces herself to the class.

The class sits up front

Everyone prepares for their readings

The teacher explains what they worked on for the 2 weeks of the class.

Sasha reads her masterwork

It was called Extreme Camping and told the story of our disastrous camping trip in June.

This was a super fun Birthday Present from all the Grandparents!  Thank you!

Sasha's Birthday!  Holly and Professor Cup Cake set up the presents!

Ready for presents?

Time to open the stuff!

A new swim mask and snorkle

Daddy Daughter Star Wars hats!

Cool new books

Beatles books!


And finally Lincoln Logs.  Now that's an old school birthday!

Sasha tests out her new snorkel set in Anya's new pool.

She really got her face in there.

Great job Sasha!

Sasha decorates her cake.


Finally done?  Time to sing and eat!

One night the family went Duckpin Bowling!

In Duckpins you use these small balls about as big as a softball, with no holes.  You get 3 rolls per frame and the pins are short and fat.

It's way way way harder than it looks.  However the kids had bumpers on their lane.

I should have asked for bumpers too!

Look at the final score after the first game!  And I was really really trying!

These lanes were really old fashioned.  
There was a floor pedal to sweep the pins between throws and a manual reset button at the end of your turn.

Everybody had a fun night at the lanes.


And we got free pizza and pop!

We all did slightly better in the second game

Except Sasha who stayed perfectly on average and still crushed us all.



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