July: Uncle Beans Visit.  Anya & Sasha's Angry Birds Birthday Party, Playing with Uncle Beans

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Uncle Beans came to visit for Anya & Sasha's Birthday Party!

We had a smaller scale party this year.

The theme: Anya's favorite - Angry Birds!

As soon as the party started the rain did too.  :(

But the kids didn't care.

All these boxes on the floor were part of a super fun party game that I had made for the kids.  I made a sling that attached to the swingset in the back yard.  Then I bought a bunch of stuffed Angry Birds and Piggies.  Then the kids would stack the boxes into various castles, set the piggies on top, and sling the angry birds across the yard to topple the castles and piggies.  It was the only game I had planned for this year.  It was supposed to take up the first hour of the party.  But the rain washed it all away.  :(

The kids found other things to play with.

I suppose we do have some toys lying around.

Jess and Michelle talk about how lame the party is with no Angry Bird sling shot game.

Uncle Beans thinks he still has to sit at the kids table.

Makenzie uses the touchpad to play some real Angry Birds

Carter, Dylan and Audrey have fun while D'marco starts chucking pigs and birds.

Everybody plays separately for a moment.

Sasha jumps for joy!

Present time!  Sasha gets her baby panda pillow pet.

Anya is happy about something.

Sasha keeps unwrapping and Makenzie keeps the Birds flying.

Sasha gets the game Clue!  Anya gets the baby unicorn pillow pet she wanted!


Now she has the whole family!

More toys

More presents

The Pillow Pets were hits!

Sasha and D'Marco count up the loot.

Anya poses with her Angry Birds cake

Another masterpiece by Michelle.

Candles blown

Time to eat!

The kids tear into the cake!

We like cake!  Where's our cake!

The party winds down.  It was a fun fun day! 

Anya and Sasha "help" Uncle Beans deflate his bed.


They are very helpful kids.

Time to test out those Birthday Bubble Blasters

They seem to be functional

The backyard is soon a Bubble Blizzard.

Uncle Beans and Anya!  The little sister and little brother bond.

Dinner at the Japanese Steakhouse


Over-reaction shots to the Onion Volcano.

A day at North Beach

Anya tries out her new Birthday floatation vest.

Cramming chips in the kids.

Cram me another Uncle Beans!

Weird weather at the ocean

To the South it looks like Mordor, to the North it's a sunshiny day!

Whatever.  The beach was fun anyway.

The kids show Uncle beans their bubble sticks!

Uncle Beans can only watch for a moment.

Then he must become The Bubble Man

Eventually the kids get bored, but not The Bubble Man!


That was a fun day at the beach!

Back home for a cat-nap.

Then back out to play in the bay!

The kids wanted to show Uncle Beans how good they can swim in the bay.  (Alan wanted to show him too!)

This looks like a fun day at Mount Trashmore.

Playing on the playground, flying kites.

Uncle Beans takes his kite flying seriously.

The problem is, it's about 110 degrees.

That's why we're like the only crazy people up on the hill today!

We play for a while

Uncle Beans send up Anya's new birthday kite

Anya gets in some rolling

Uncle Beans continues to show off his kitesmanship


But the kids have started to lose consciousness in the heat.  Time to go home.

Playing with Jack.

Anya plays with Jack while Uncle Beans test-flies his new helicopter.


Here's a picture Sasha drew of her and Uncle Beans in the Bay!  We had a super fun visit.  Come back and play!


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