July: Fireworks on the 4th, Anya's Birthday and the Norfolk Botanical Garden, Family Play Day at the Ocean, Class Reunion on the Chesapeake Bay

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Sparklers on the 4th.

These are illegal in Virginia.

Look at all these kids breaking the law. 

I should have turned em all in to the cops.

Fireworks over Wash Land!


As the rockets red glared, every kid watched in wonder through the teeny-tiny screens of their i-phones.

The digital generation.


Here's a comic book that Sasha wrote and illustrated for me for Fathers Day!

We had recently seen The Avengers so there was an "influence"

Sasha combined my favorite genres in a zombie superhero mashup.
The "About the Author" page at the end was longer than the entire comic!

Happy Birthday Anya!

A small family celebration


The Ladybug game she wanted really bad!

More presents please!

Cards from Grandma!

A new matching game

The cats think they are getting presents too!

A card from Sasha!

New swimsuit for summer


Grandma Wiseman sent some of Daddy's old toy trucks!

Anya bakes her own Birthday cake!

Then we decorated it.

Then we ate it!

Out in the back yard with the sunflowers.


What a cute birthday girl!


Happy Birthday to you Anya!

Sasha made a restaurant and then served us breakfast that included her famous peanut butter & honey bread rolls.


Anya's annual Birthday trip to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens


The birthday girl is so happy to be there!


Sasha and Kenzie ride the back of the tram with the cool kids.

Anya cheers up as they get underway.

A new feature this year was this Pirate battle area.

A giant pirate sandbox!

Arts and crafts

More art then the water garden.

The splish-splash show begins

Huggy buddies

Anya approaches the geyser.

Splash then flop

Sit and run

A whole lot of fun at the water garden

Up on the bridge


Ride the frog!

A family play day at the beach!

Anya and Sasha check out the water

Alan head out to surf and instantly broke my leash.  No surfing for me today.

But Anya caught a her first waves on the big board!

Holly grabs her Boogie Board and heads for the waves!

Look at Mommy ride!

Back from a crazy wave riding set.

Sasha sat still so long the sand covered her up!

Sasha's 2nd grade class had a beach reunion on the bay! 

Sasha is brave around other kids and on the bay (no waves)

She swam way out with the other kids.

Look at her go!

One of the guys in class flashed some underwater peace signs

Nina gets tossed by her dad.


Anya gets way into the bay too!

Boogie Board bobbing.

Floating on a floatie


Mrs. Davis joins her old crew!

What a fun teacher!

Anya makes some waves.

Mrs. Davis surrounded by a school of graduates!

Anya shows off for the big kids and Mrs. Davis.

That was a super-fun class reunion!



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