January 2012: Lego Club, Dylan Birthday, Beach Playground, Chesapeake Fun Forrest, Mexican Madness at School

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Sasha built this compound with her new Kiva blocks.  If you want to wait for the giant download you can take the video tour she filmed.
Anya hangs out with Mommy at the mall.

Here's Sasha at Lego Club and this is one of the creations her team made.


Here she is playing (musical chairs by herself?) on stage at school.

After 72 years, Lego finally realized that girls might like Legos too, so they have released "Lego Friends" which are basically girly Legos.


Sasha and Anya each got a set with some of their Christmas money.

Sasha already had tons of regular Legos and Star Wars Legos 
so she shouldn't be affected by what the critics of "Lego Friends" called "gender stereotyping."

Dylan had a super fun camping themed birthday party!


We played fun games

Like camping graphic Bingo.


The opening of the presents!

Michelle's multi-tiered lopsided masterpiece is set ablaze.

Sasha eats cake and plays with some of the cake decorations

Coleman gobbles cake then slips into a chocolate coma.

Anya eats her weight in crab legs at Captain Georges!


Sasha and Anya play at the beach playground...


As a squad of military choppers buzz overhead like Apocalypse Now.  The horror....the...horror.


The next weekend we played at the Chesapeake Fun Forrest.


Sasha and Anya did some extreme Parkour.


Sasha stops to pose for a picture.

Anya catches a whale by the tail

Then rides and slides

Sasha does some 127 Hours training. She lost interest when I told her she might have to cut her arm off someday.

Sasha plays on the shark

Sasha tests out the bite with her foot.  (Flashback!) When she was a baby she used her fingers.

Anya does some construction in the sandbox.

Sasha's class hosted a restaurant to learn about economics and business.
The Maitre d seats us according to our reservations.

Here's Sasha taking our order.  She had to fill out a job application and be interviewed to get this job.

Here's some of the decorations on the table.

I love the 2nd point of etiquette on this expected manners list.  One of the other wait staff and the restaurant manager.


Sasha works one of her other tables.


Here's the kitchen crew with the Chef de cuisine, Sous-chef, Aboyeur (cut out on left of photo) and the saucier.
Sasha waits for the orders to come up.


Hey waitress!  Look over here!

Sasha busses some tables and the kitchen staff prepares for the next seating.


Great job Sasha!  We left you a big tip!

Sasha's Class

Flashback photo of Sasha from May of 2005.  I found this on an old data card I haven't used in years.


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