Halloween 2012

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So we started Halloween 2012 at the Halloween Masquerade in Downtown Norfolk.


Here I am configuring the Anya-Bot 3000.

This year Professor Sasha took over as Lead Robotics Engineer.


The Happy staff at Vitruvian Robotics.



Here you can see our ID badges.


We were kinda early so we wandered for a while


What a cute baby!

As more kids arrived, Sasha & Anya quickly became famous

Everyone wants to touch the Robot and have their pictures taken with them.


Including Mommy.  Wait in line Mommy!

Anya waves to some fans.


Now we wait for the costume contest to begin.

Sasha does some quick calculations to gauge our odds.

The Addams Family.  (They were our serious competition in the Family category.)

This giant Mushroom and dwarf were fun.

The Chef family and this costume on the right with the Invisible Woman were pretty cool.

Here we are getting queued up for the costume parade.


Mushroom Guy and The Swamp people are getting restless.

The Alice in Wonderland Family

Some super heroes then it's our turn to march before the judges.

A Flock of Angry Birds

The Cup Cake Cook!

Vitruvian Robotics!  Hurray!


The Addams Family.  They really looked great.

Some Extreme Close Ups!

Preening for the Judges

Holly did some heavy politicking for us all night.

At one point I almost blew our chances by mentioning to someone, who may have been a judge, 
that a the robot costume was the new and improved version of the same costume that Sasha wore when she was 4.
But we had never worn it in Norfolk.


Sasha looks cool in her glasses.


Anya starts to lose it.  The wait to see who won took like an hour!

The Fire Department Family

Mitt Romney's Big Bird.

Finally the wait was over.  

We won!  First Prize!  The Addams Family came in second.

Sasha & Daddy explain to Anya-Bot 3000 that she just won the contest!

The next day, we went to Trick or Treat in downtown Virginia Beach.  
Since this was just a lot of walking for a little candy, 
Anya decided to switch into her more "motion-friendly" Curious George & The Man in the Yellow Hat costume.

Later that day, because Hurricane Sandy was ruining our Halloween weekend, 
we decided to go to the Halloween party at the Air & Space Museum in Hampton.


I didn't really want to go to this party because Sasha & I won this contest in essentially the same costume 4 years ago.  I assumed someone would remember.  
No one did.  In fact, since I didn't wear my lab coat and Sasha took over as the Robotics Engineer, they were more popular than ever!

Waiting in line for the Haunted Museum walk.  These 2 plastic army men were pretty cool.


Lord Vader wanted to hang out with the Vitruvian Robotics Crew.  Maybe he was interested in some upgrades?

Hanging out with a Mad Scientist. 


Kids...   in....Space!


The costume contest begins with the infants and toddlers

A family of penguins!


During the 3-4 year old division (that was our group since Anya was our hero-costume.)
They pulled us, These 50's girls and the Flintstones out as the finalists.

During the interviews with the radio station the 50's parents mentioned that they had been working on the car for like 6 months and the Flintstones parents admitted that the kids didn't even know what they were dressed up as.  Terrible answers.

We told them that we gathered junk from thrift stores and made our robot out of spare parts.  
We won.  First Prize!


Darth Waiter won for her division.

After our part of the contest Anya wanted out, 
so we took off the robot costume and added this cape so she at least looked like she was dressed as something.  Super Kid?

Back at the contest the adults were finishing up their parade.

The guys from the local Star Wars club all had awesome costumes.  And the Loompa wasn't bad either.


We thought the pregnant belly face of Babe-raham Lincoln was pretty neat.

From one kind of inappropriate to another?

Indy and the Incredibles.


 At one of the candy tables set up around the museum


Sasha and a female Mandelorian.  (Look it up, ye of little nerd knowledge!)


Anya and Sasha catch a ride on the coolest plane trip ever!

Playing at one of the climbing areas.

Sasha practices landing a virtual plane as an airport ramp agent.


Anya keeps reaching for the clouds.


Sasha keeps sitting on them.

Our prizes from the Air & Space Museum.  A Vtech Kids Laptop, a Yo Gabba Gabba CD and free tickets to the Air & Space Museum!

Our prizes from Norfolk.  A 40 dollar Pizza gift card, free family tickets to the opera and $200 cash!

The big night finally arrives.  Halloween.


Time to head out into the neighborhood for some World Class Trick or Treating!

The river of candy starts to flow.

The famous neighborhood Halloween House.  
Where little kids like Anya get candy and stuffed animals and older kids like Sasha cry because they only get candy.

We follow our annual circuit around the neighborhood.  Kids and parents swarmed us all night to see the robot and take pictures.

Back at home we spill out our loot!

The kittens, Jack & Professor Cupcake, were very interested.  - This being their first Halloween

Well it was a Halloween for the record books.  Happy Halloween Everyone!


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