February: Carousel, Spirit Days, School Dance, Valentines Day, Science Lab, Train Festival, Leap Day 

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Carter's birthday brought us to the mall for free rides on the carousel!


Dylan & Anya get their horses under control

Sasha gets her favorite black horse


Anya and her baby have a good ride.

Sasha dressed up for one of the spirit days at school.  This was Tie dye, Tie, and Tutu day!

Here's the girls dressed up for the school dance.


Everyone wore Black and White

The dance was really fun

Anya loved it!  Dancing with the big kids!

Some limbo dancers.

If you have time watch the video below, all the kids in the school know all these dances so every song is like a Thriller video.

At the photo area.

School Dance

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Valentines day morning

It was a school day so we had to do this early.

Sasha & Anya open cards from Grandma & Grandpa!

Minutes later, everyone was rich!

Anya's favorite part of all holidays is the candy!

Anya's card from Mommy & Daddy

Sasha gets new pet shops

These Fuzzoodles were all over the house for the next few days.

Holly and I were guest teachers at Sasha's Magnet Science lab at her school.

Even Anya came to help out!

Here she is demonstrating some magnetic science

Here's the kids working at my table

We were focused on levitation!

It was a super fun day!

Sasha & Anya at the Virginia Beach Train & Toy show!


Riding that train!

Sasha checks out some train art.

There were lots of train sets set up for the kids to look at.  

This was the large scale layout

It was really neat

Sasha and Anya could barely keep themselves behind the ropes


The pull of the toys was too strong

Anya moves closer...

This section featured some buildings from a playset that Anya has.  She was excited.


Here's a tiny scale train

This was a Train drag race!


You could pick out your train engine and the guy would power them up at the same time and race down the track.


Back at the tiny scale trains


The detail of all the buildings and towns were really cool.

They had little stools for the kids to stand on so they could see.


I took these close ups to fool everybody.  They look real right?


This set up had some really old train engines.  This first one actually had a working steam engine in it.


This layout had mixed scales and all kinds of automation.

This was the most popular because there were buttons all along the track that made everything move.

This little control cabin had a whistle you could blow

Plus you could control the train and plane seen here on this upper level set. 

Every one of these buildings had some automation the kids could control

You can see one of the buttons being pushed here.


Outside the convention center after a day of train-ing!

Our Leap Day cake!  Hurray for Leap Day!


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