December 2012: Parks, Malls, Mommy's Birthday, School Festival and Class Party

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Kittens Vs. Christmas Tree

December in Virginia Beach


Autumn in the park

Demarco's first visit to the Chesapeake Fun Forest


Demarco takes on the park shark

Anya lets me chase her around the playground.

She makes short work of the obstacle course.

Hey Anya, who's that kid at the other end of the log?  She looks just like you!

The Fun Forest is pretty fun!

Anya sneaks up on Sasha

For a sister hug!

Hanging out under the tree with her buddy Anya.

The Winter Festival at Sasha's school

First some cookie decorating.

Anya!  Pay attention to your cookie!


Sasha starts an elaborate design.

Keep piling on the sugar and frosting.

Now it's munchy time.

Taste the rainbow Sasha!


Here's the candidates for the Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest.


Here's our favorite.  We voted for this kid.

Anya made this winter scene with her hand


It turned out very nice!

Here she is doing more crafts

Making ornaments


Sasha makes and flake

In the Keva Blocks room the grown ups make some impressive structures


A few of the kids get to play too.

Anya and Sasha build in the shadows of super-structures.

Anya The Builder.


Someone let Anya get a hold of the camera.

Holly's Birthday Loot!

Cupcakes and custom cards

Sasha demonstrates the pop-up card she made.

Posing with Mommy then a present.

Sasha picked these out because Mommy likes pretty soaps and sprays.

A mug with 2 cool looking kids on it.

Anya takes a break to cuddle Professor Cupcake

Sasha takes a break to cuddle Mommy.

Last up a picture for Holly


Mommy's favorite girls!

Can we like go now?  Gah!   Dad....  I want to like, get to the mall.  Hurry up old man.

Pizza and gift exchanges at the mall with Kenzie

Anya, Dylan and Carter.

Ripping into the goodies.

Skippity for Sasha and Loopsies for Anya.

Coleman gets a Buzz Lightyear and Dylan opens his marshmallow crossbow.

Kenzie gets a Build-a-Wolf and Anya gets another kitten.


Riding the train to Norfolk.

Only to be eaten by the Tasmanian Devil.

Christmas Goodies at the class party.

Anya, Seeing the treats, experiences the entire gamut of emotions.

Sasha gives us a tour of the class.

Then makes a poinsettia

Her perfect work attracts the attention of the principal.

Holly gloves up for the "Christmas physical exams."

Sasha creates a custom ornament.

Mrs. Rychlik gets a special gift from the class.


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