Christmas 2011

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Before we left for Michigan, Demarco stopped by to open a present.

One the way to Michigan we had some pool-time.


Anya floats around while Sasha swims


Swimming with Daddy


Hotel pools rule!


Back in the room, a treat from The Hotel Fairy was waiting under our pillows!

We arrive in Michigan.  Cousin-play starts immediately.

Sasha performs Messiah then does our taxes in Chinese.  That gifted school is finally paying off!

Piano Solo

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Cookie time!


The decoration station is open for business.


Sasha and Lucy do some serious work.

Christmas Cookie Perfection.


Jeff forces us to listen to one of his God's wrath dinner benedictions.  
After we are reminded that we will all burn forever in a lake of fire we get to eat our chili.

Then we put peanut butter on pinecones and roll them in bird seed.


Jeff explains that even though they have no souls, animals do like peanut butter.

Anya catches me taking her picture and busts out a gangsta' pose.

Lucy prepares her offering for the creatures of the forest.

Everyone is bundled up and ready for the woods.  
Even Holly, who refuses to participate in anything that has to do with feeding starving animals, wants to get in on the picture.

Into the dark and foreboding woods of Saint Johns.

We sate the animals and escape with our lives, but little else.


All the little girls in the house pose for their annual Christmas eve picture.


New Christmas PJs!


Anya can't wait and strips down immediately

Sasha shows of her cuddly new J's and poses with her list of demands to Santa.

Christmas Morning.  The stockings are stuffed.

Santa has left loot all over the place

Anya's Princess Pile

Before the opening chaos ensues

Little feet thunder down the stairs

Still half asleep, everyone wanders the room in a semi-conscious daze.

Eventually, everyone locks in on their stash.

Anya inspects her princess-i

Lucy commands her robot

Holly video tapes while Sasha reviews the playlist on her new ipod.

All the Beatles albums are included.  Santa did OK.

Anya starts falling in love with her dolls.


Sasha scrolls through her song lists.

Mark waits to see if he got anything.  Anya checks out Lucy's Marble Run.


Anya gets a new pigeon book!

Mommy gets a charm bracelet from her favorite little girls.


Sasha thumbs through her Star Wars Character Encyclopedia.


Anya gets excited about every present

Her pile of debris and toys grows larger

Sasha gets a new DS game

Anya gets a T-Shirt with her favorite game on it.


Then she gets some cuddly angry birds too!


Sasha finally gets Jenga.  Anya gets some stickers from Sasha.


Anya opens something


Then casts a spell on everyone in the room


Alan gets his annual zombie stuff

Time to open stockings

New coloring books

Stuffed animals

Light saber laser pointers

Anya gets a cool find-it book.

Anya & Sylvie with all their stocking stuff

Grandpa gets his magic beans.

Rowland Christmas

Starts with the petting of the kittens

The kids and Holly wait impatiently for the day to begin.

The food is ready

After eating Anya starts things off with a mad dash the presents

A Yo Gabba Gabba nap mat!

Anna and Colin open stuff.  Sasha's swag pile behind her is getting huge!

It's a full blown frenzy!

Uno Robots and a La La Loopsy Classroom

A NASA space program set for Sasha and a live action Angry Birds game for Anya

Grandma watches Anya open her Angry Birds.  Sasha gets a fairy making kit.

Getting ready to play outside.

Sasha uses her Jenga blocks to build a fortress.  Anya plays Nickelodeon Dance.

Anya beckons for a kitten

We got about an inch of snow one day.  So the kids had to take advantage.

Anya gets kinda freaked out by snow.  Cuddling cousins.

Acting goofy and getting caught stealing snack bars.


Anna gives us a lift.

Face portraits of Anna & Sylvie

Sasha & Mommy

Since school is out, everyone decides to go play at Aunt Elissa's school.


Sasha finally realizes her dream of making the school announcements.

Time for sleepovers at the Rowlands

Festivus Dinner with the cousins

Elissa ticks off all the ways each of us has disappointed her over the past year.

Anna and Anya cuddle with a kitten.


Holly wore this shirt like every day all week.

Holly shows Dad how to play her Kindle jumble game.

Everybody in the house had some sort of touchpad device.  We spent days not acknowledging each other.

I started waving my arms and screaming "fire" to get them all to look up for a moment to take this picture.

Elissa kicks off Christmas 2 with the traditional chugging of the magnum.



Holly by the poinsettia shows off her "Holly day" shirt again.

Anya acts impy


Mark and Lucy take a moment to be serious.

Jeff cradles his new baby ipad.

Tess gobbles gobs of green goo

Sasha insisted that she be photographed with everybody.  
Sylvie & Aunt Mary.

Jeff & his ipad.  The newlyweds Maddie & Colin.

The Little Fisher Family & Tess

The Fisher Sisters & Grandma & Grandpa

The Three Cousinteers.
This being our last night, Sasha composes a long and weepy love letter to everyone in the family.

One more round of presents from Aunt Mary!

A purse full of goodies and a new keyboard.

Jeff and Lisa feign amusement as then kids put on their show.

It was a whole cavalcade of song and dance.

Even Anya got in on the act.

 Later that evening, Alan strikes a couple sexy poses in front of the fire.

Cinnamon rolls and fruit to bid us farewell

Bye Bye Hugs for Grandpa...

...and more tear-filled goodbyes for Grandma & Aunt Mary!


This is how Anya looks most of the time on the drive home.

Pool-time at a hotel in Northern Virginia.

This is our favorite hotel to stop at on the way home.


Look!  Daddy has waterwings!


Anya takes the family yacht out for a sail.


Hot tubbing with Mommy.


At Sasha's favorite scenic overlook before Charlottesville.


Sasha taking pictures with her new 3DS


Anya leaps off some boulders.


In 11 years we'll take this same picture when we drop Sasha off for fall semester at University of Virginia.


When we were driving by, Alan thought this cow was a buffalo so we had to stop and check it out.

We had a super fun Christmas!

See you all next year!


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