The Marriage of Sir Collin Hill to the Lady Madelyn Rowland: 
Michigan Renaissance Festival August 18, 2012

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My niece Madelyn got married at the Michigan Renaissance Festival 


I was the official wedding photographer.  What follows is just a sample of those pictures.

Maddie getting her hair braided before the ceremony.

Collin and his friends and family posing out front for pictures

The parents

The wedding banner!


Everybody milling about before the wedding parade


The wedding kids!

Here we go!

The parade marched through much of the festival

Led by the bagpiper and the officiant.

At the wedding gazebo

Vows exchanged


Kisses kissed

Now all the official post wedding pictures


Posing with Link from Zelda and a random Mandalorian.

Mark and Ken kick off the reception a little early.

The parade back to the reception tent

Collin and Maddie greet all the guests

The reception kicks off.

The roaming Italian Ladies stop by to entertain




Some naughty pirate wenches


Give Maddie a wedding spanking


Tess threatens the groom with her venomous maid of honor toast

The best man toasts as well but does not retaliate

Anya likey the corn


Holly also poses with Link from Zelda.  Oh.. wait, that's not an Hylian elf.  It's Mark!

Some fake official poses



Cutting of the cake with Collin's sword


Congrats to the happy couple.  That was a fun wedding!


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