August: Family Trip to Michigan

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The best part of a trip?


Playing in the hotel pool.


It's the only reason Anya and Sasha agree to travel

Heading out to do some school shopping with Grandma Fisher and Aunt Mary.

Hanging with the cousins

I like to take pictures of Tess eating things

Hot dog party!

Anya always seats herself at the head of the table.

The trampoline

Where are the kids?

They're always on the trampoline

We gotta get one of these!

Breakfast at Stately Rowland Manor

At the Renaissance Festival before the wedding


Holly takes the kids on the Fairy Walk


It was a super cute walk through the woods decorated will all kinds of fairy stuff!


Anya wanted to ride ALL the rides

This flying pirate ship was at the top of the list

Lucy rode the Blue Moon

Sasha & Anya get twirled



Next up the See Saw Boats!

Sasha and Lucy rock on


Holly & Anya fly high

Sir Ryosus does some magic with Sasha & Anya.


Here's something neat, I use to watch Sir Ryosus when I was a kid.  He's been doing the festival for over 25 years!


I like his act, and his new assistants are pretty cool too! 

Next the Pony Carousel

Anya was even more excited about this one.

I wonder why?


The walking tree.

Dorice's son Nolyn straps in for some sky bouncing

Up up up!

Bounce Nolyn Bounce!

I wish I could do this


It looks like lots of fun.  They would need to bring in a couple industrial cranes to hoist me up.

At the hottest most uncomfortable time of the afternoon, we decided to get in line and wait in the dirt for an hour to jump on this thing.

Was it worth it (no)


But Anya would disagree.

Anya Bounce 1

Anya Bounce 2

Sasha Bounce

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Sasha was really good.


It took her a few times


But she started flipping like a pro

Then she wouldn't stop flipping!


Sasha hangs out with The White Wizard

The kooky candle store.  I loved this booth when I was a kid.  Anya loved it too.


The family watches the comedy sword show.


Queen Anya


Queen Sylvia


Queen Sasha

Anya.. you call that a knife!?

The Renissancers bid Sasha adieu.

Grandma & Grandpa's 50th Anniversary party

Everyone looks at the video picture frame presentation that Aunt Mary made

It was almost as popular as my fruit tray!

Sasha alla finestra

Melon Munchin

Lunch on the lanai


Tess drinking

Candid family merryment

Mark throws together a last minute slide show

Anna and Sylvia can barely contain their excitement

The family enjoys the slide show


At intermission the kids put on a interpretive dance number to Barbara Ann and Moon River


Anya had a small part


More slides


More dance


Grandma & Grandpa "get jiggy" with it too


50 years of staid dignity down the drain in a matter of seconds.


Tess and Anya embrace


Maddie and Collin open some wedding presents

Grandma & Grandpa wait for what they assume will be a great avalanche of presents

A silence falls over the room as everyone looks to see if anyone brought any.


Grandpa reads what many, except Angela and Mark, agree was without a doubt the funniest anniversary card ever written.


The traditional 50th Anniversary gift is glass, right?


After a substantial bribe, Grandma agrees to be affectionate toward Anya for a full minute!

That was a fun party!

Lunch is prepared at Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman's House

Grandma "sweetens" the sun tea.


Dinner at Aunt Sharon & Uncle Alfie's house.

I haven't been here in about 18 years

Sasha and Anya loved it!

They had a ton of fun in the pool

Lots of floaties


Grandpa works as lifeguard


The pool actually was a little bigger than I remember.

The famous purple house


Anya holds on tight

She seems happy

Some pretty pictures down by the pond.


Grandma runs down the hill to join us


Anya explores the grounds

Dinner on the patio

We had a super fun time.  Thanks Aunt Sharon & Uncle Alfie!

Time to head back to Virginia.  Sasha updates the blackboard.


Hugs from Grandma

Hugs from Grandpa

And the best part of the drive home?


Playing in the hotel pool.

Mommy jumps in to play

Sasha poses for some underwater shots

The little swimmers


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