August 2012: 
Coleman's Birthday, The Mall, The Boardwalk, Alan Goes Paddle Boarding, Sasha's 3rd Grade School Meet & Greet

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Sasha & Anya do some tent camping in their bedroom.

Coleman had a birthday

Can you guess the theme?

This was the best decorated party I've ever seen!

The Birthday Boy

Kenzie scopes out the food

Coleman has boots on the ground

Sasha spontaneously sprouts Mouse Ears!

Jess continues setting out more and more neat Mouse inspired treats.


Look at those watermelon and pineapple slices!

Holly and Anya cuddle up

Muchin at the munchkin table

Coleman opens presents

And a custom card from Sasha!

Out back it's time to whack that mouse

Coleman and Anya start the assault

Carter and Dylan work it over good

And Sasha and Makenzie deal the death blow.


Treats are recovered from the body

Coleman is overcome with joy and starts crying.  This sets off an empathetic response in Anya.


Finally everyone regains their composure and eats the cake.

Sasha and Anya: Mallrats

Eating lunch at the Food Court

Playing on the coin-ops


And the playground (that Sasha might be getting too big for)

Heading down to the boardwalk for the last day of the East Coast Surfing Championships

We got there too late to gather all the free swag

Anya didn't really care

She just wanted to play on the beach playground.


For my Birthday Holly and the kids got me a Paddle Board lesson and tour.

Here we are heading out into the inlet

Figuring out how to stand and paddle

There's Randy, my instructor.

On my way out of the inlet a little boat puttered by and the wake knocked me off the board.

I soon learned that I couldn't stand in the waves at all.


So I spent my time out in the ocean looking for dolphins paddling on my knees

It was still fun.  I even caught some waves on my knees!

Back in the inlet and on my feet

Doing this uses lots of muscles that as a computer guy I don't ever use.  When I got home I said to Holly, "I'm so sore.  On the board I had to be in this crazy position where all my weight was on my feet."  Holly paused and said, "That's called standing."


That thing on the front of the board is a lifejacket.  Everyone is required to bring one.

Randy showing off with a cool Yoga pose

My attempt at the same pose

Back up.  Paddled back.  It was super fun.  Can't wait to do it again.

Sasha meets her new class

The teacher had them do a little scavenger hunt around the room to get familiar

The theme of the room is aquatic

Meeting Mrs. Rychlik


Learning to use the big touch screen for attendance and rewards

After class ice cream social

Sasha hooks up with her girl gang from last year

Holly and Sasha enjoy their iced creams until they were attacked by this giant cicadae.


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