April: Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman Visit

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Sasha had a "School Birthday" right before Spring Break.

Michelle made these awesome Robot Cupcakes and Sasha decorated each Goodie Bag with a custom robot.

Grandma & Grandpa arrived that morning and came with us to school at lunch to hand out the cupcakes and goodies.

They do "School Birthdays" for the kids with summer birthdays who would miss out partying with their class.

There was one more surprise with the cupcakes.  They didn't just look cool...

...They were Blue Velvet Cupcakes!

Everyone's tongue turned blue!

Anya even got her teeth blue!

Everyone started to quickly go into sugar comas

Sasha was the hero of the lunch table!

The kids LOVED the cupcakes.

And they love playing with Anya.  She's a popular "toy" with the second graders.

Back in class it's time for Goodie bags.

Sasha hands one out to each kid and her teacher.


Anya thinks she's a second grader now.

Back at home.  Story time with Grandma.


Playing war with Grandpa!


Making Easter cookies and slamming beers with Grandma.

Every time you press out a cookie you have to chug a Mexican beer.

It's an Easter tradition!

You can even use the empty bottles to roll out the dough!

Time to decorate.


Coloring break.

The completed cookies.  Beautiful!


Anya passes out from cookie decorating exhaustion.

Sasha wakes up early to go on a morning run around the neighborhood with Grandpa.

Today we went to a huge Easter Egg hunt.

This is the biggest one in the area

This giant line is where Grandma & Grandpa stood for an hour or so for free popcorn and cotton candy.

We've never been to this particular hunt before.  

They had bounce houses...

...and Roulette!  All the Easter classics!

More games of chance.

Then the preschool egg hunt began.

Anya gets good coverage of the field and scores many eggs.

Later that day, Grandma & Grandpa return with that cotton candy and popcorn.  What took so long!?

While Sasha nibbled the cotton candy we found Nina!  One of Sasha's classmates from school.

Sasha and Nina plan their strategy as the staff re-seed the field with eggs.

Then they attack.

Sasha runs past the ones in front and gets a better haul from the back before the rest of the kids get there.

That was my advice.  I know how to hunt eggs. It's like the 2nd or 3rd thing on my resume.

Everyone shows off their loot.

Anya is getting tired.

Time to go home.

Anya convinces Grandpa that he needs to be ridden back to the car.

Back at the house that evening it's time to decorate eggs.

Grandpa is a master egg-man.  Coo coo ca choo!

They make some fancy fine colors.

That Grandpa's a good egg.

Easter morning.

Finding all the baskets left by the bunny!

Anya finds and eats her candy simultaneously.

Sasha is more interested in the presents.

Grandpa just thinks the whole thing is fun.

We saved the gardening this Spring for Grandma & Grandpa.  Sasha is tasked with digging.  Anya plays.


Grandpa digs out front.  Anya plays.

Sasha and Grandma plant hostas that we stole from the neighbors alley.


Out front they plant a variety of flowers.  Anya plays.


Eventually Anya and Sasha play while Grandma & Grandpa do all the rest of the work.


Grandma bought us ducks!

We had a super fun visit!  Thanks for all the fun and flowers.  We love you!


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