April 2012: International Children's Festival

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We haven't gone to this festival since Sasha was Anya's age.

This year Dmarco came with us!

First stop the Native Americans

Each country has a table with native experts and crafts and activities.

The kids get a passport and then get a stamp from each country they visit.

This year we got a stamp from EVERY country!

Here the kids are learning an African alphabet.


Playing steel drums in the Caribbean


Those hosers from Canada kept telling us to "take off, eh!"


This little girl was doing a Mexican swooshy dress dance.


Dmarco shows off the crafty necklace he just made.

Brazil's booth was sad.  It was all about the orphaned street children.


Some fancy Dragon Heads


Everyone picked out their favorite.


Some of the middle eastern countries were lumped together.

Sasha and Anya get tagged with their names in arabic.


Dmarco shows off his name too.


In India everyone gets a Bindi

The bindi is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration....

...But Anya lost concentration immediately when she saw Korea was giving away free moon pies.


The kids got their names written in Vietnamese calligraphy

Then Japan they made origami

More face pics

These were popular this year.

In Thailand they invited us to a Thai festival, but we couldn't go :(

Anya gets her hand painted with a flower.

More dragons in China

Dmarco leaves Thailand with a spider on his hand.

Lunch and Mariachi Band break.


The Mona Sasha and the Mona Dmarco.

The Russians kept trying to sell us nesting dolls.  They were the only ones selling stuff.

Demarco and Sasha in Polish outfits.

I insulted the Ukrainians by telling Sasha they were "like Russia" when she asked.
One of the Ukrainian guys went off on me when he heard me say that.  Ukrainians are apparently very sensitive.  Like Russians!

We were Hungary so we went to Turkey!  Ha!  Bet they never heard that one!


The Irish musicians memorized the kids for a while.

They actually sat there and watched them play a couple songs and asked questions about the instruments.

In Norway they learned about the Three Billy Goats Gruff with a neat little magnet picture.


The Italians were out of everything by the time we got there.  Those austerity measures demanded by the EU are hurting everybody.  

Hanging out in Britain with a Knight who said Ni.


Germany and Spain were the last countries on the tour.

And it ended with a 2 headed Dutch girl!


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