April 2012: Of Kids & Kittens, Fieldhouse & Putt Putt, Boardwalk Skate and School Girl's Party

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Hugging our stuffed animals is fun but we wish we had kittens!


The kittens have landed!

Professor Cupcake and Jack have a new home.  Hurray!


For Sasha's last day of Spring Break we had a Daddy-Daughter Fun Day!

We started the day at the field house indoor playground.

The day before Sasha had Mommy-Daughter Fun Day picking up the kittens to bring home and watching 3-D Titanic!


After the Field House we ate at Sasha's favorite Chinese Buffet for lunch 
then headed down to the beach for indoor 3-D Glow in the Dark Putt-Putt Golf!

Indoor 3-D Glow in the Dark Putt-Putt Golf was crazy cool.

You may ask yourself, "how is it 3-D?"

I thought the same thing.  Isn't all putt-putt golf in 3-D?

But somehow, with the 3-D glasses on, all this glow in the dark scenery and paint had depth or appeared to extend off the walls and floor.

If you have the right glasses, even these pictures I took will appear in 3-D!

Some of the holes were deceptive with the 3-D glasses on, but just a straight shot with them off.

Anyway, it was a fun experience.

And since the season hadn't started we had pretty short lines.


On the last hole a shark burst through the wall and ate our ball!

We ended the day with smoothies!

Smoothies on the beach!  Weeeeee!

Michelle, Makenzie and Carter come to visit the kittens.

They're so soft and cuddly and fun to play with.

Anya keeps Jack close

She loves carrying around the kittens in her arms like a baby.

Anya is a good BIG SISTER!

Sasha is finally big enough to ride her longboard.

Anya speeds down the boardwalk on her scooter

Sasha also got to introduce her custom made Hello Kitty Longboard to the people at the beach.

Everybody loved them

Anya looked super cute in her piggy tails and R2-D2 shirt

Sasha looked super cool riding the huge skateboard with her Vans and Ratbones helmet.

We rode about 10 blocks down to the Jetty Playground

And then 10 blocks back.  Sasha did great for her first ride on the boardwalk!

We ended the afternoon with Dippin Dots


The Ice Cream of The Future!

The Professor keeps an eye on the neighborhood.


She may look cute but she has already made clear that she is in charge of the house now.

Anya and Sasha go to an art and frozen yogurt party in North beach.

One of the girls in Sasha's class wanted to have a girl party!

Looks like a super fun time for a rainy day! 

Sasha and the babies spend a lazy afternoon on the couch.


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