Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman Visit!

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Sasha plays Angry Birds while we wait for Grandma & Grandpa's arrival at the airport.


Grandma presents gifts from Aunt Barbara


Holly, the raconteur, regales us with one of her classic anecdotes.

Sasha and Grandma make War!


Sasha crushes Grandma


The Classic Thanksgiving All-Side Dish Dinner

Anya goofs with Grandpa.

Grandma & Grandpa look at their 2011 Photo Album

Anya demonstrates her classic pose

Time to open presents!

And watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Christmas decorations

And lots of hats, scarves and mittens.  Ready for Michigan!

Anya loves opening presents more than what's inside


Charlie Brown teaches us the real meaning of Thanksgiving.

Grandma braids up Sasha

Temperature mid 70's.  Time for a walk in the woods.

The State park in town looks really pretty

Behold the mold!

Grandma gets excited by hanging moss

The forest for the trees

I couldn't decide which was better so I posted both of these.

Anya leads her feeble old grandfather down the trail.

Grandma lags behind stealing pine cones and other parts of the State Park.

Anya opted out of these pictures

Sasha demonstrates her uncanny ability to climb onto the lowest branch of trees

Anya took this picture of me.  Here's all the State Property that Grandma "liberated" from the park.

Anya, our resident Angry Bird expert, teaches Grandpa how to play it on his new iPhone.


Grandma and Sasha create a museum of Lego creations.


Sasha also created the little placards name each piece


Anya keeps trying to help Grandpa get those piggies!

Cookie Time!

Grandma brought one her her fancy cookie recipes

The girls were super excited

Using frosting to glue candy onto cookies.  What's not to like?


What a happy cookie!


At the movies, Sasha and Anya hang with the Chipmunks.


Everybody waits for the Muppet Movie to start.


Holiday lights at the beach

Grandma & Grandpa have seen pictures, but this is their first trip down the Christmas Boardwalk


Some you get to drive right through!


Anya likes the spitting fish

Surfing Santa!

Shark attack!


The kids got to ride in the Front Seat!

Anya's favorite Monster Truck:  Grave Digger


A Big Christmas Tree surrounded by Palm Trees!

T-Rex storms the Christmas Castle.

Sasha & Anya impatiently wait for their Pizza Pi

Huggie Sisters.

Breakfast first, then Sasha sets up the bird feeder she built at school in art class.

It's the last day of the visit

Time to go to the beach!

What were you doing on November 27th?

We were playing in the warm sun at the beach!  HA!

Sasha runs and Anya leaves a perfect print in the sand.


Sasha in the sand

Shell hunting

Come and get me Anya!


Anya Running on the Beach

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Fun in the sun.

A lazy day at the ocean.

Goodbye Grandma & Grandpa.  We had a great time.  Thanks for all the presents.
We love you!


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