The Rest of September

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After many delays, Coleman finally turned 1!

Cakes by Michelle.

It was a froggy party!

Playing musical lillypads

Toss the bug in a frog

Anya just goofing around

Opening presents

Anya likes to get right up there when people are opening presents

Sasha too

Cake time.  Everyone is very excited to eat this cake!

Happy 1st Birthday Coleman!

Anya gets a butterfly pancake.

Katrina's last day in town before she moved.  By Katrina!


Anya's always coming and going.

Our new neighbor Audrey had her birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese


This was Anya's first time at The Cheese's


She LOVED it!

Riding with Chuck.  Sasha in a giant hamster wheel.

Anya's favorite ride:  The Monster Truck

Anya would probably blow all her tokens on this ride if I let her.

Another fun ride.

Punching some ducks and riding a horse.

This horse race game was pretty fun.

Pizza time!

Cake time!


Happy Birthday Audrey!


Pony presents from Sasha and Anya.

Audrey in the ticket blizzard.

And when asked "where do you want to use your last token?" Guess where Anya went?

Archaeology Day at Sasha's new school.

This is just one of the many super cool things they do at her new school.
Sasha brought her own tools and hat.

Sasha worked grid C1

Everyone found all kinds of neat artifacts

There's her teacher, Mrs. Davis, helping out and supervising.

Sasha finds a Thoracic Vertebrae.  She cleans it and measures it.

Tags it and draws it in the grid chart.


Then deposits it in one of the grid buckets.

At the cleaning and measurement station.

This guy found some corn!  ( or maze!)

Sasha finds, what looks like, a radius arm bone.

It was a super fun day at school.


I stayed after and watched them do a lot of the follow-up work in class too.

Looking at honey bees at The Children's Festival


We had an extra ticket so we picked up DeMarco and brought him along as well.

Cleaning carrots at the Little Chef Academy tent.

Watching one of the teams of thespians.

Playdough Island!

Alice and Wonderland at the Tea and Croquet course.

Picnic play

Free cupcakes!

Anya went crazy in Lego Land

She displays her masterpiece.

Sasha built a little car

DeMarco a little helicopter car!

Next we waited to tour a real pirate ship!


DeMarco joins the crew


Anya at the wheel.

Coloring then a meeting with Clifford The Big Red Dog

Anya saw a Yo Gabba Gabba standee and had to hug it.

Everybody dances!

It was a super fun festival again this year.

Exploring a fire engine on the way out of the park.

DeMarco drives.

Then Sasha.  Hurray for the Children's Festival!


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