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Sasha at the Meet & Greet a week before 2nd Grade starts.

Old Donation Center has a nice campus.

Sasha got to see her class and meet and talk to her teacher and classmates.

Then after a parent assembly, ice cream!

Ice cream and fun!

Sasha waiting for the bus on the first day of 2nd Grade.

 Sasha had a great first day of school this year.

I had a terrible time at the end of the day.  See Worst First Day of School Ever! (For Alan)


Sasha LOVES her new school.

Here we are at the 1st Annual Chesapeake Freedom Festival.  This helicopter was gigantic!

The girls strapped in.  They're good to go!

They weren't allowed to sit in the cockpit because this was a real functioning copter, they just flew it here the day before.

The kids danced around and goofed off during the headliner country performer: Phil Vassar


He played a lot of non-country covers so it wasn't so bad.


Even though they were not alive at the time and have no idea what it is - Sasha & Anya will never forget 9/11.

This pink fire truck made Sasha crazy with delight.

She'll probably do some arson in the future just to try and get the pink fire truck to come.

Anya liked it too!

Here's one of the EMT vehicles from September 11th.

This is a steel beam from the World Trade Center that Sasha is poking.

Here's a 300-pound piece of limestone from the Pentagon.


And a rock from Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

They each got to pick one ride at the carnival.


Anya wanted to ride the helicopters.

Sasha wanted to ride her first Roller Coaster.

Even though she wasn't even close to tall enough, the Carnies let Anya ride too!

They were super excited about this ride.


Ask Sasha sometime.  She's still talking all about it.

Roller Coaster!


Grilled corn.  Our favorite carnival food!



Anya is obsessed with Fireworks.

Dancing under the explosions.

These glasses make all light (especially fireworks) look like a kaleidoscope of rainbows.


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This was a super cute picture, I wish Anya was more in it.  They both had huge smiles as Sasha gave Anya a piggy back ride.

Sasha built her "Best sand castle ever!" last weekend at the beach.

We didn't go in the water much because these freaky looking things called potato sponges had been killed by the hurricane and washed up on shore.

So we just ran around and played in the sand and stuff.


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