Rowland Family Vacation Visit

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The Rowland family returns for a week of fun and to celebrate Sasha's Birthday!

First, piggy back rides for everyone!

Then pile on Tess for huggies.

Sasha and Anna - Cousin Buddies

Playing in the yard


Eating Lunch?

First day at the Beach


Hanging out at the North End Beaches today (our favorite local beach)

Decent boogie board waves

Holly, Anya and Sasha play at the shore

While the Rowlands ride the waves

Maddie rides one all the way in


Taking a break back at base camp.


Sasha starts digging.

Jeff keeps riding

Anna never wants to get out of the water

Tess helps Sasha and Anya build a sand castle

Work begins, Anya helps out

Tess builds some of the main structures.

Sasha puts on some finishing touches.

Jeff won't allow any waves to go un-ridden

Elissa catches a few

Tess does too!

Wave after wave

Ride after ride

Then back for more

A couples wave!

Ride all the way in to shore

Anna helps bury Sasha

Tess & Alan try surfing, first with the short board

Then the long.  She's pretty good.  I think she'll be up in no time.


Everybody who comes to visit wants Pizza Pi

And why not?  It's only like the best pizza in the world.

Right Anya?


The next day we head down to the tourist beach


Grab the gear and go!


The ocean is really flat today

It's super hot so the water feels really nice.

Even Anya goes deep to cool off


Then back to the sand.  Holly with her precious Kindle.


Maddie reads, Tess texts


A pirate ship floats by.  At one point it shoots a cannon and scares every one the beach.


Anna and Anya dig a hole.  Then find a WAY better one being abandoned by a family.

Sasha sets up some castles

Then notices Anna & Anya's giant new hole!

It lasts for a few minutes, then the ocean reclaims it.


Now it's a fun hot tub, and then it's gone.


Sasha at the Wright Brothers Memorial Museum in Kitty Hawk North Carolina.

We hike up the hill to see the monument

I told Sasha I would race her up.  She was excited and took off running.  She went left and I went right.  
When I got to the top, out of breath, heaving, with the taste of blood in my mouth, I saw her way way down on the other side casually walking up and chatting with Anna.

Jeff tests the headwinds on top of the hill

Sasha did eventually get to the top

Here's where the plane actually launched from.  And here's Sasha launching herself from the track as well.

Hanging out with some other kids in the Wright Brothers garage.

I didn't get good shots of the planes because there was a lecture taking place

After that we had a picnic lunch next to the hill

Sasha found a good climbing tree

And made her way up and down

This was as high as she got

It was overcast so it wasn't super hot today

That was nice and the waves were pretty big on the cape

Good old Pea Island.  My secret surf spot.

Just as abandoned as ever.

Great boogie board waves.

The whole family caught this wave

Empty beach as far as the eye can see.

Another benefit of an empty beach that's kept in it's natural state - Shells!  Lots of them.

Here's an artsy camera shot and then Sasha ruining the same artsy camera shot.

Queen of the dunes.

Sasha boogies on shore while the family all ride together.

Sasha likes to ride it like a skim board

Ride on Rowlands!

A flock of pelicans and Sasha in her new Star Wars birthday chair.

And the day ends with dinner at Goombays

My favorite outer banks restaurant.

The next day it's Cowboys & Aliens!

Then back to the beach one last time

Tess wastes no time today

She's up and riding by the second try

At this point she is now a way better surfer than me

Well at least I'm a good teacher.  Way to ride Tess!  You're awesome!

Tess Surfing 1

Tess Surfing 2

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Maddie almost got up on this wave.


A shot down toward the tourist beach

Jeff tries to ride.  You can't see, but on the other side of this wave he has a knee up!

He's up!  That's surfing!

I rode a couple but never got past my knees.  I'll have to have Tess show me how to do it next time she visits.  :)


We end the day at the Chinese Buffet

Maddie & Tess declare it the Best Chinese Buffet ever!

We like it too!

The next day it's time to go.  Sasha says she's going home with her cousins.  It took a while to pry her off.

Bye Rowlands!  We had fun.  Come back next year!


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