October at Sasha's School

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One oay we saw this super cool double rainbow in the backyard

The neat thing was it was a very sharply bowed rainbow so you could pretty much see it from end to end!
It was also super bright, the pictures don't really capture that.

The Rainbow

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Here we are at the ODC School Carnival

Sasha did some chalk drawings

They got their hair sprayed colors and saw the Headless Turtle that the 5th graders take care of!

A pumpkin maze

Then decorating puny pumpkins!

Anya sees a pumpkin and she wants to paint it black.


OMG!  A Hello Kitty Mega Bouncer!


We spent a LOT of time in here.

Next we played games to get a card stamped for prizes later

Anya did well at this ball tossing game

Sasha scored some stamps too

This bean bag toss was a little harder

As was the ring toss

Anya figured out that the best way to win was to just walk up and place the rings on the poles.

Inside the gym there was basketball bowling

And PLINKO!  Training for their future visit to The Price Is Right


Scooter Races!  Anya was OK.

But Sasha perfected the backward scooting that brought her the silver medal.

The Kiva Room

These are called Kiva Blocks

The kids are crazy about them

You will find them on Sasha's Christmas list if you're interested.

This kid was a master builder.  Sasha did pretty good too!

Here's a more Avant-garde one that I made.  The most fun is knocking them down!


Sasha wanted us to see that one of the pages she colored was on display in the school lobby.

Sack races!

Remember sack races?

Back in the Kiva Room

Anya raided the bake sale table

We ate cookies and waited while Sasha took forever redeeming her stamps for prizes at the Toy Store.


THEN SASHA WON The Teacher raffle to have a cup cake party with her teacher!


It was a great day at the Fall Festival!

Hey look!  We're still playing at the beach.

Take that Michigan!  How's it going up there?

Sasha's fixing a hole

Anya chases me up and down the beach

It was fun because there was almost nobody on the beach.

Anya hovers around me

Taunting me with her peanuts and goldfish crackers.

Sasha gets buried.


Back at ODC.  Every other Wednesday after school is LEGO Club!


This is a huge club.  Probably the biggest at the school.


I was one of the parents helping this day, so Anya got to go too!

The grades all work together

They have free time to play

Then they are tasked with a project

This week the task was to create something that represents a job you would like to have.

Sasha made a veterinarian and little Lego animals.  She even got to go up on stage and explain/present her creation.

ODC is a crazy fun school!


These two sisters are buddies!


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