Native American November

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By mid November the temperature has dipped down into the high 70's.  
Sasha is forced to go to school bundled up in a knee high skirt and capped short sleeve t-shirt.

For Election Day, Sasha had school off so we went to play at the beach.  

After lunch we played Jungle Putt-Putt Golf.

Election day voters got to play for free!


Sasha on the Gorilla Hole

Sasha takes a long break to feed the fish.

The ravenous fish go crazy.


Sasha hangs out at the volcano and hugs a Rhino.

Alan recreates the Rhino scene (on the right) from Ace Ventura 2.

Posing with an elephant on the 6th hole.

Alan and Sasha play through (the legs of) the giraffe hole.

Sasha hangs out with Hungry Hungry Hippo.

After golf it was off to The Dolphin Tale movie.

Sasha's teacher told us about some native American exhibits at the museums in Portsmouth.  We had lunch first.

Then we went to the museum and saw some artifact recreations

Did some arts and crafts

Anya gets tangled in some artifacts and Sasha tries on a diving helmet.

We ended the day visiting a lightship.  (It's like a floating lighthouse!)


Native American Feast and Museum at Sasha's Class.


The Fruity Turkey

Some of the Native American lessons.

Sasha & her teacher Mrs. Davis.

Sasha's job was to act as docent at their classroom museum.

Here she is explaining artifacts of the Southwest Indians.

Here is the Plains Indian village.  (Alan actually went to school and helped the kids make this one.)

Sasha's favorites are The Plains Indians

Here are the Eastern Woodlands Indians.  Sasha's team built this village.  
Here's Sasha reading an original folk tale called "The Lizards Tail"

Here she is explaining kachinas.  Then the class sang some songs.

Class Song

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Sasha also wrote a story on her tunic using Native American symbols.

Sasha & her friend Nina.  The day ended with a Native American feast.

Still wearing her Native American tunic, Sasha, Anya and Holly decorate the Christmas tree.

Holly can almost reach the top!

Sasha hangs up one of the ornaments with her picture on it.

We put a LOT of ornaments on the tree this year.

Anya is super excited about Christmas coming.


The Whos down in Whoeville set up their tree as well.

We also attended the Cheroenhaka Nottoway Pow Wow

Sasha hangs out in a Wigwam


Then we watched some dancing


This was a children's dance 

They even had dancing babies! 


Then Sasha got to join in for a all-tribes dance

They weaved all through the circle


Everybody held hands.

Here is Sasha eating some Lakota Fry Bread

These Meherrin dancers had really cool regalia.

They even did a fire and snake dance.

Sasha also got a real dream catcher for her bedroom.

On the way back from brunch last weekend, we stopped at the playground.

The kids all started racing each other.


Sasha takes the lead.


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Playing in the fall leaves


We don't have any of these by our house


So we have to go to the park to play in the leaves.

Walking through the woods

Some nice nature pictures

Out at the gazebo at the end of the trail

Sasha and Anya are having a super fun autumn.

Here's a horrific scene that Anya left on the stairs one day.  
A closer look will show that the airplane is on it's side and every toy on each step is also tipped over "in death?"


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